How Omarion's Star-Studded Millennium Tour Celebrates a "Very Special Time" in Music

As part of E!'s Backstage Pass, Omarion gave fans a preview into how he gets the party started at one of this year's must-see tours.

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The biggest party of the year could just be on The Millennium Tour. 

For the past several weeks, Omarion and his closest friends including Bow Wow, Ashanti, Soulja Boy and more have been getting fans up on their feet in venues across the country. And with a jam-packed schedule planned for November, these artists aren't slowing down anytime soon.

"This whole concept of The Millennium Tour is really a true representation of an era and time where music felt a certain type of way," Omarion, who serves as the headliner, exclusively shared with E! News. "This tour is special for that reason. It brings you back to a place. It brings you back to a time when you heard a song for the first time. It's not just a sing along. It's also entertainment."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

The R&B singer continued, "It's the Ying Yang Twins, Sammie, Lloyd…I like to highlight that we've been performing since we were very young. Bow Wow, my business partner in crime. All of our audience is coming up in that era of 106 and Park and TRL."

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When determining his set list, Omarion wasn't afraid to look back on his entire career, which started off in the boy band B2K. And while he doesn't want to give everything away before his shows, the Grammy nominee is confident fans will be very happy with what they hear onstage.

"My audience is definitely prepared for some of my older tunes but also introducing some new songs," he teased. "I've never had B2K in my set as a solo artist. I wanted to kind of leave those songs behind but I brought that back in…I do some new songs. It's a mesh of going from the past and moving into the future now." 

Looking ahead, Omarion is preparing to publish his first book, Full Circle: Lessons & Takeaways on How to Live an Unbothered Life, in 2022.

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But for now, he's ready to get fans movin' and groovin' with his biggest hits, including his new collaboration with Bow Wow and Soulja Boy titled "EX."

"For the originals, for the people that have been on the journey since the beginning, we want to say welcome," Omarion shared. "They know that they will be entertained and for the newbies, I would just say expect the unexpected. Expect to remember, expect to feel, expect to dance, expect to have all that energy permeate and be able to stand in your moment and take some mental pictures and really feel and embody and express joy." 

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In between performing at venues across the country, Omarion gave E! News an exclusive look at The Millennium Tour. "It's a very special time in music and that is really what I'd say is the magic of the tour is," he explained. "We're able to really encapsulate nostalgia and that's really why this tour is super, super special." 

Secret to Success

With more than 20 years in the business, Omarion credits one family member for making it all possible. "I definitely have to salute my mom, being a young mother and having me at 16. I have to give her all the credit because she really gave me and my brother's the freedom to experience whatever we wanted," he explained. "I've really accredited my career to having a strong foundation and a sense of family and because I had that foundation, I've always been able to keep healthy habits and prepare myself for progression and change."

Dream Big

As a proud dad to two children with Apryl Jones, Omarion hopes they receive one message when watching dad perform. He wants them to realize they "have the freedom to explore and figure out what their purpose is here on this planet and their contribution not only to themselves first, but to society and this wonderful life experience that is happening so fast," he shared. "The foundation is the key to building anything. If you want to build something, you have to build them on things that are sturdy and strong." 

Backstage Prep

How does Omarion look so good on tour? In addition to his loyal hairstylist, the performer also credits working out for his sleek appearance. "Myself and my good friend who is head of security, Swaggy P, we do high intensity training," he shared. "I've been training for maybe the last five or six years with him and I've just been really building my stamina over time to be able to perform high intensity and take those breaks when necessary."

Ready, Set, Go

Before showtime, Omarion likes to hang with friends including Summer Walker and build up his energy. "Just like a boxer, we don't go to the fight cold. We're warming up our bodies with dancing, stretching, drinking some warm tea," he said. "I really, really prepare my mind body and spirit. Sitting in silence is also one of my rituals, breath exercises and vocal warm ups." 


When teasing The Millennium Tour, Omarion hoped that audience members could forget about their troubles and experience two hours of happiness. "We all have a difficult time in life at some point," he said. "And it's very important in this human experience that we all link together from all different walks of life to express that joy and how important it is for our human experience." 

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