Where Will Ferrell Ranks Among the Greats of Saturday Night Live, According to Lorne Michaels

The Spartan Cheerleaders. The Roxbury Guys. The Lov-ahs. These are all Saturday Night Live skits made famous thanks to Will Ferrell. But where does he rank among his peers?

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We all bob our heads to the left when we hear "What Is Love" and say the word lover like "lov-ah" thanks to one person: Will Ferrell.

Following a seven-year run on Saturday Night Live and an illustrious film career, Ferrell has become one of the comedic greats of the 21st century. And it seems that longtime SNL boss Lorne Michaels couldn't agree more, as the TV legend has since weighed in on Ferrell's legacy. Specifically, in a comment to The Hollywood Reporter, Michaels made it clear that Ferrell was one of the best performers to walk through Studio 8H.

"I never rank," he said, "but Will's definitely in the top two or three that have ever done the show. There's no question."

This is certainly high praise, as Saturday Night Live boasts several accomplished alums, including Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Kristen Wiig, Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and John Belushi.

Will Ferrell's Best Comedy Roles

Yet fans will see a different side to Ferrell, who is next appearing in the Apple TV+ dark comedy The Shrink Next Door. In the new dramedy, which premieres November 12, Ferrell plays a struggling man named Marty, who let's his therapist, Dr. Isaac "Ike" Herschkopf (Paul Rudd), break every boundary and become a major fixture in his life.

What makes the tale even wilder? The Shrink Next Door is inspired by true events, which were covered in the Wondery podcast of the same name.

Even Ferrell was surprised by his decision to take on this role, telling the THR that "it definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone." However, he's clearly happy that he signed on for the project, especially since he's "more interested in doing things that scare me to death."

While we wait for the premiere of The Shrink Next Door, relive Ferrell's best work on SNL on Peacock.

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