The Internet's Favorite Son Gavin Thomas Is All Grown Up in Latest Yearbook Photo

How time flies! See the new photo of Gavin Thomas, who stole the hearts of Internet users on his uncle Nick Mastodon's Vine account.

By Cydney Contreras Oct 28, 2021 1:55 AMTags
Gavin ThomasDavid Livingston/Getty Images; Taylor Mills/@tmillsj

Gavin Thomas is all grown up.

When fans first got to know the Minnesotan, he was only 2 years old and could barely form a full sentence. Now, eight years have passed and Gavin is a pre-teen, as evident in his latest photo.

On Tuesday, Oct. 26, Gavin's mom, Kate, gave his more than 500,000 followers a glimpse of the new pic, bringing up warm memories of Gavin and his uncle Nick Mastodon's Vine account.

One person responded, "Need wallet sized pics for the whole twitter fam. Proud of u nephew." Another Twitter user asked the question on all of our minds: "how they grown so fast??"

Recently, Kate spoke to Know Your Meme about Gavin's status as a bonafide meme star, revealing that she didn't expect anything to come of those initial videos. She shared, "I would have never imagined that all of this would have happened. We were just taking cute videos and photos of Gavin."

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And though Gavin wasn't old enough to understand fame just yet, he could tell the videos made people happy and that's all that mattered to him.

"He was just having fun hanging out with his uncle Nick," she remembered. "After a little while, he would go find Nick and ask him if they could ‘take a vine.' He would always laugh at the photos and videos we were posting. Gavin has always loved making people laugh."

Since then, the family has gotten used to seeing Gavin's face alongside entertaining captions and have even grown to appreciate how much people care about him. Kate previously told The Guardian in 2013, "It really does feel like the whole Internet is looking out for him, making sure he is drinking his milk, doing his homework. It feels special to see your boy loved by so many strangers."

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Gavin's dad, Adam, has gotten a few laughs out of being the father to the meme icon too. According to Kate, Adam has a photo of the 10 year old on his desk, leading his co-workers to believe that he was just a fan of the meme.

They eventually figured it out, with Kate sharing, "Adam's coworker sat down at his desk and said, ‘OMG the meme kid. I love that you printed a photo of him since he's all of our son.' Adam was so confused and said, ‘No, that's my actual son.'"

Suffice to say, Gavin is a pretty big deal.

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