Meet E.R. Fightmaster, Grey's Anatomy's First Non-Binary Doctor

A first for Grey's Anatomy! Actor E.R. Fightmaster will return to the medical drama in a recurring role, marking the first non-binary doctor for the series.

By Alyssa Ray Oct 28, 2021 12:40 AMTags

E.R. Fightmaster isn't ready to hang up their lab coat just yet.

On Wednesday, Oct. 27, Variety reported that the actor, who uses they/them pronouns, will stay on Grey's Anatomy in the role of Dr. Kai Bartley for more of season 18. Fightmaster plays the first non-binary doctor for the medical drama and has already appeared in two episodes of the new season.

For those who need a refresher, Dr. Bartley is on a Minnesota-based team run by Dr. David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher), who is currently working on a cure for Parkinson's disease. How does this fit into the Grey's narrative? Well, Dr. Hamilton—a doctor from Dr. Grey's mother's past—offers the leading lady a huge career opportunity: to run her own research lab. But enough about that!

Fightmaster's neuroscientist character has been described as "extremely talented" and "confident as hell" by ABC. Oh, and, per the network, the new doctor on the scene seems to connect with Dr. Grey's sister-in-law, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). Could there be a potential romance brewing here? We're guessing yes, since it is Grey's Anatomy after all.

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We're not the only ones thinking this, as several fans have already taken to Twitter to ship the two doctors. For instance, one fan wrote on Oct. 16, "I am pretty sure Amelia is going to leave Link and end up with them by the end of Season 18. Dr. Kai Bartley is so cool!"

Another commented, "If we're not shipping Link & Amelia anymore, then I'm shipping Link & Jo and Amelia & Dr. Kai Bartley #GreysAnatomy."

ABC/Bonnie Osborne

Clearly enjoying their stint on the iconic Shonda Rhimes show, Fightmaster shared on Instagram, "I am having so much fun."

Though Dr. Bartley is the first non-binary doctor for the series, this isn't the first time that the LGBTQ+ community has been represented. Sara Ramirez, a non-binary performer, played Dr. Callie Torres, a brilliant bisexual surgeon that was once married to pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw).

Additionally, trans actor Alex Blue Davis portrayed a Grey-Sloan surgical resident, Casey Parker, in seasons 14 through 16 of the series.

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Grey's Anatomy returns with a new episode on Thursday, Nov. 11 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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