And Just Like That's Cathy Ang Weighs in on Lily's Role in Carrie and Big's Wedding Drama

The actress who stars as Lily York Goldenblatt in the Sex and the City spin-off for HBO Max reveals her take on Carrie and Big's disastrous wedding in the SATC film.

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Hello, lover? Can you hear me now?

True Sex and the City fans will forever be heartbroken over the moment Mr. Big (Chris Noth) abandoned longtime love Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) on their wedding day in the franchise's first film. For those who need a refresher, Big had tried to reach Carrie on the phone, but the bride-to-be was busy putting on her Vivienne Westwood dress and fancy bird hat. As a result, the adorable flower girl, Charlotte's daughter Lily (originally played by Alexandra Fong), picked up the cell instead, thinking it was just a toy—then hung up on the desperate groom.

What followed was the breakup of all breakups, with Carrie running off to Mexico and leaving fans wondering what might have gone down if Mr. Big had just texted her. Just don't blame the kid!

That's And Just Like That star Cathy Ang's stance in her recent interview with Cosmopolitan.

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"I don't think Lily thought anything of it," the actress, who is playing a teenage version of Lily in the HBO Max spin-off, said. "I really don't. I think she was curious. She was excited."

The 26-year-old performer known for voice-over work in Netflix's animated movie Over the Moon, is stepping into the series as the grown-up daughter of Charlotte York Goldenblatt (Kristin Davis). She is getting ready for the exciting new show, which is being hailed for its more-diverse-than-the-original cast. 

"It's scary, but also exciting to know that a person like me can be on the show," she told the publication. "I never thought of myself as sitting on a show that was so spectacular and iconic. I hope people enjoy seeing Lily and that there's a lot of young girls out there who feel akin to her. I hope I can be a light for that."

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And about those much-anticipated plot twists social media fans keep talking about? Ang suggests that the sneaky Lily may still be meddling in the new in episodes.

"She has an eye for beautiful things," she teased. "Even now, doesn't mind getting her hands on them. Not that she's a thief, but I think that part of her personality has continued."

Thankfully we'll get to see Ang in action when And Just Like That premieres in December on HBO Max.

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