Find Out Why Todd Chrisley & Nanny Faye Are Arguing About Brothels on Chrisley Knows Best

What in the world is Nanny Faye trying to recruit Todd, Chase and Elliot for? Watch the exclusive sneak peek of tonight's all-new Chrisley Knows Best!

By Allison Crist Oct 28, 2021 3:00 PMTags

Leave it to Nanny Faye to crack a NSFW joke.

The Chrisley Knows Best matriarch has a few favors to ask on tonight's all-new episode, and who else does she turn to in this exclusive sneak peek but her son Todd Chrisley, grandson Chase and his best friend Elliot

The first request isn't too complicated—Nanny Faye simply needs some filing help. 

Unfortunately for her, Todd says "that's not gonna happen" because he doesn't even file his own stuff. Chase also doesn't want to help, citing a broken heart. 

"I'm going through a breakup Nanny, so I'm not doing it," he tries to say convincingly. "Me and Emmy really had something special so I'm just going through way too much right now."

Todd isn't buying it, though! "Get the hell out of here," he responds. 

Chase's excuse ends up backfiring because Nanny Faye says she needs another favor, and this one is "perfect" to take his mind off his ex.

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"We're having a senior bachelor's auction to raise money for the senior center," Nanny Faye explains. "I need you and Elliot and Todd to volunteer for me."

All they have to do "is look pretty and get the ladies bidding," she adds. "Then we're gonna auction you off, and if you win, you get to help them around the house and help them do their chores."

Chase, however, is convinced there's more to the arrangement: "That's how it starts, Nanny." 

Her response? "It's up to the ladies to decide how it ends."

This prompts Todd to say she's acting like she "ran a damn brother in Nevada." 

"Well, don't be bringing up my Bunny Ranch days," Nanny Faye responds, giving a shout-out to the infamous brothel in Nevada, much to Chase and Elliot's amusement. 

"Momma, you ain't never been to no Bunny Ranch!" Todd yells.

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Watch more of the hilarious exchange in the above clip.

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