Meet 15 First Responders Who Are Heroes to Their Families and Community

In honor of National First Responders Day, E! News celebrates firefighters, paramedics, police officers and more who protect and serve all across the country.

By Mike Vulpo Oct 28, 2021 12:00 PMTags
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There's nothing like a hometown hero!

All across the country, police, firefighters and paramedics don't hesitate to answer the call and serve their communities. And with National First Responders Day falling on Oct. 28, it's never been a more appropriate time to give thanks to the people who dedicate their lives to helping others.

Before becoming a country singer, Tyler Braden served as an Alabama firefighter and witnessed the sacrifices his team made on a daily basis.  

"There's so much work behind the scenes that never gets noticed, countless hours of training and preparation," he shared with E! News. "When it's time to respond, everyone is ready to react without hesitation. Day in and day out, they train and push each other to be the best at their job. Even on slower days, call-wise, they are still working hard to be prepared for the not-so-slow days."

And while he no longer responds to 911 calls or puts out fires, the "What Do They Know" singer tries to pay tribute to service members at every show.  

Do-Gooder Gallery

At E! News, we're putting the spotlight on 15 first responders who have made an impact on both strangers and the people closest to them. Today, we thank them for their work. 


+ Minnesota

"I don't always realize this when we're going about the chaos of our days, but sometimes when I stop to really look at my family, I can't help but feel so proud! My kids have a dad that's a firefighter and I know they are just as proud as I am. Our older boys get to ride in the fire trucks all the time for community events, and as much as they love it, it's not always easy on us. His fire pager goes off during nice family dinners, birthday parties, while we're playing at the park and in the middle of the night. My husband drops everything he's doing and sometimes it's hard not to be selfish and wish he'd stay with us. But knowing he's rushing to someone in need, I am extremely proud of him for all he does for us and our community!" —Wife Shannon 


+ Texas

"I know his line of work. I know he runs calls on the sick, injured and the dying. But watching my sweet, selfless husband playing with our boys, a contagious smile on his face—it just made me pause.⁣..His same hands that tickle our sons help hearts beat. His voice that reads bedtime stories speaks encouragement to the scared and hurting. His soul that prays for our family prays on behalf of people he's only just met.⁣" —Wife Lindsay


+ California

"My husband is the fire in my heart and our everyday real-life superhero! He serves the community with integrity and pride, is a wonderful role model for our son, and he makes me such a proud wife." —Wife Nikki


+ California

"My husband protects people every day in the community he works in. I am always proud of him and the work he does. He shows selflessness daily and for that, I have so much respect and appreciation for him and other first responders." —Wife Josie


+ Florida 

"I am the wife of a firefighter paramedic. The only person on the planet who has the job title of being his wife is me. Our marriage is something I am passionate about. One summer, these same thoughts sparked me to sit down and begin to write...Know that whether your hubby is just starting fire academy, a probie, a seasoned vet or about to retire from many years of service, my prayers are for you. My heart desires to encourage and lift your eyes to Jesus in this #firewifelife."

—Wife and Bride Behind the Boots author Morgan


+ Missouri

"No words seem adequate to describe my love and gratitude for this man. I consider myself blessed to stand by someone who chooses to make our world a better place, yet possesses the most humble spirit of anyone I know. He is brave, he is selfless, he is always dedicated. He is my HERO." —Wife Ashley


+ California 

"May we never forget those who lost their lives for our freedom that allow us this time together and the sacrifices brave men and women are making now for us to enjoy this beautiful, blessed life." —Wife Daniella


+ Tennessee

"This man right here...always comes out to support, always in my corner. He is my biggest supporter, my motivation. He is always pushing me to try things out of my comfort zone. Our goals are limitless with you at the head of our family Lucas." —Wife and first responder Nicole 


+ New York

"[During a] drive, the kids were complaining that they missed Daddy and I had every single intention to drive past his job just so they could see him and decided I was already running late so, another day. While saying bye to them at day care, what do we hear? Next thing I see are two huge trucks in front of us and the girls yelling, 'Daddy.' And to see so many Black firefighters at once. It literally made their day. This is why our home base will always be in this area." —Wife Camisha 


+ California

"Proud does not describe what I feel for you today. Christopher you are a man of integrity and good character. Congratulations, Captain. You have worked hard and deserve this! This is just the beginning!" —Wife Joi


+ Florida

"Keith is a gem. A rare find. Selfless, loving husband and father, and a devoted community member. He is there for people on the worst days of their lives, yet can come home and be there for the best days of ours. He has seen the most horrific things that life can throw at a person, yet still comes home with a smile on his face. He would never call himself a hero, but he's exactly that to us. He is the epitome of the word and I am so proud to call him mine." —Wife Katie


Captain C

+ California 

"We are so proud of our hero for all that he exemplifies both at work and at home. He sets the bar and then challenges himself to raise it higher the next time. He lives out a life with honor, valor, courage, strength & faith, values that are so admirable." —Wife and blogger Jenny


+ Oregon

"Addy worked so hard to become the amazing paramedic/firefighter that she is! Her hard work, determination and caring nature never cease to amaze me. God bless my paramedic/firefighter and all first responders who are there to protect and save our lives while putting their own lives in danger." —Mom Susie


+ Tennessee 

"My husband is one of the most selfless people I've ever met. I've always been proud of his accomplishments but observing all of his hard work and sacrifices during his participation with the vaccine is next level. We have two teenage sons, and he is able to lead them not only by his words but by his actions every day." —Wife Quincey

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