RHOP's Candiace Dillard Responds to Rumors About a Nicki Minaj Feud & Saladgate

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E! News' Daily Pop host Justin Sylvester said it best: The Real Housewives of Potomac "is getting crazy!" 

This Sunday marks the Bravo show's season six finale, and soon, fans will finally get to witness what went down at the reunion when Nicki Minaj made a surprise appearance. Perhaps a showdown with Candiace Dillard?

Not exactly, according to the RHOP star herself. She stopped by Daily Pop on Tuesday, Oct. 26, giving E! News the exclusive on the reunion speculation that has left her utterly confused.

"There are rumors that Nicki and I got into a fist fight—Where? Where on god's green earth?" Candiace told Justin and Daily Pop guest host Cynthia Bailey. "I'm flabbergasted that people are making up these rumors."

The "Drive Back" singer also dismissed the notion that Nicki was particularly tough on her compared to the other Housewives. 

"She definitely came hard for everyone," Candiace explained. "I will say, I thought she was going to be really hard on me because of the way she was kind of talking on social media, so I was prepared. But when she came in, she didn't start with me so I kind of got to see what she was going to give. And I said, 'Okay, this is about to be a fun match.'" 

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But by the time the reunion wrapped, Candiace recalled just being impressed with Nicki's hosting abilities. 

"She was so involved in every aspect of our show," the RHOP star said. "She knew details from season one, nuances that the biggest superfans don't know. She was invested. It was riveting."

While on Daily Pop, Candiace also reflected on season six as a whole—including her conflict with newcomer Mia Thornton.

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As fans may recall, the pair found themselves in an argument-turned-food-fight earlier this month.

"Let's be clear, I didn't throw salad, I threw a piece of lettuce," Candiace clarified. "Mia took that giant head and threw salad at me, okay? And if you watch it—because I watched it back—she thought about it...I threw the lettuce across the room and we were arguing and she stood there and was looking at the lettuce and was thinking to herself, 'I'm gonna give myself a moment. Here, let me throw this lettuce at her,' and she threw it. And it became a thing. Then I picked up and threw lettuce back."

Looking back, would Candiace do it again?

"No, I probably would've stopped when we got to the kitchen and she was, like, talking to Ashley [Darby] literally behind my back," Candiace told Justin and Cynthia. "She was asking for that moment, and once again, my husband was right, these women like to use what they know is a surefire thing: I'm going to be emotional to make TV."

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Hear more from Candiace by watching the complete Daily Pop interview above!

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