Lori Harvey Weighs In on Dad Steve Harvey's New Status as a "Style Icon"

By Allison Crist Oct 22, 2021 9:16 PMTags

Steve Harvey is the Internet's latest obsession.

More specifically, it's the Family Feud host's fashion glow-up that everyone on social media is buzzing about. As several viral posts have pointed out, Steve seemed to have recently traded his oversized suits for bold ensembles and outfits straight from the runways. Perhaps daughter Lori Harvey assisted with the makeover? 

According to the 24-year-old model herself, that's actually not the case! In conversation with E! News' Justin Sylvester and Daily Pop guest host Kym Whitley on Oct. 22, Lori exclusively revealed how her father was able to elevate his look.

"I would like to take credit, but he actually has my best friend as a stylist, Elly Karamoh," Lori explained. "He has completely transformed him, he's like a new style icon. He's feeling himself. You can't tell him anything right now."

While she can't say the transformation was her idea, Lori can take responsibility for Steve's glowing complexion!

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Why? She just launched SKN by LH, a skincare line that's been years in the making. 

"I've honestly been obsessed with skincare since I was a little girl," Lori said on E! News' Daily Pop. "Watching my mom do her skincare tutorials in the mirror, I was like, okay, I want to emulate that. I want to get glowing skin."

She continued, "So as I got older, trying out different products trying to figure out what worked with my skin—I have extremely sensitive skin so a lot of the products I was using were honestly making my skin so much worse—and I decided, you know what, I think I want to give this a try. I think I can come out with a great skincare line. And SKN by LH was born."

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According to Lori, Steve went from being a test subject to a genuine fan of the brand, going as far as to call her in the middle of the night requesting more products. 

"He always gives me unsolicited advice, but he gives me great business advice," Lori explained. "He's an incredible businessman so he's been extremely helpful as I've been on this new business venture."

Her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan has been a big help, too. 

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"He has been my little test bunny since I started it so he's seen all the phases that it's gone through," Lori said. "But he loves it, yes. I had to get him on a skincare regimen."

Hear more about SKN by LH and Lori's relationship by watching the complete Daily Pop interview above!