11 Gifts That Are Sure to Please the Mysterious Scorpio in Your Life

Stuck on what to get your Scorpion for their birthday? We've got 10 things even the pickiest Scorpios would appreciate.

By Kristine Fellizar Oct 27, 2021 12:00 PMTags
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As much as we adore the Scorpios in our lives, trying to figure out what to get them can be quite a challenge. After all, they're known for being the most secretive sign in the zodiac. Sometimes, they have us wondering if we truly know them at all.

Scorpio is a water sign, so they're intuitive, deeply emotional and intense. They're ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld, which means they tend to be intrigued by things that are dark, occult, mysterious or taboo. Chances are, you'll find a tarot deck or two somewhere in their bedroom. They're also the sign of death and rebirth, so personal growth and transformation are very important to them. Their ancient ruler, Mars, is the planet of action, ambition, sex and passion, so they effortlessly exude sex appeal and power. They want they want, and won't settle for anything less.

So, what exactly do you get someone with that kind of mentality? If someone you love has a birthday between now and Nov. 21, we have you covered. We rounded up 10 gifts any Scorpio would appreciate. Check those out below.

Gifts for Your Crystal-Lovin', Tarot Card-Readin' Friends

Besamé Cosmetics Noir Red Lipstick

Besamé Cosmetics
Sold By Besamé Cosmetics

Scorpios are known for their allure. This Noir Red lipstick from Besamé Cosmetics is dark and dramatic, just like the sexy scorpion. It's luxurious and long-lasting with a semi-matte finish. Plus, it's made with squalane, aloe, and Vitamin E to keep the lips healthy and hydrated. 

Alex Mika Zodiac Necklace

Alex Mika Jewelry
Sold By Alex Mika Jewelry

Scorpios may not reveal a lot about themselves, but they have no problem letting the world know that they're Scorpios. This Scorpio pendant necklace from Alex and Mika features an engraved scorpion and a pretty cubic zirconia bezel.

Dusk Scarf

Sold By Wristpop

When it comes to love, Scorpios are all or nothing. They're very guarded at first, but once they give you their heart, they expect you to protect it at all costs. This art silk scarf featuring a skull, snake, heart and dagger, just screams Scorpio. It's an all-in-one accessory that can be used to give a little pop to the wrist, hair or neck. It also works on a bag or Apple Watch. 

Bala Bangles

Sold By Bala

When one of your ruling planets is Mars, you'll need a good way to let out your fiery aggression. These Bala Bangles are perfect for doing just that. They're two pounds each and come in a handy mesh carrying case. They're very versatile, and Scorpios can use these to workout wherever they go. 

Harmony Ritual Kit

Moon & Jai
Sold By Moon & Jai

Scorpios are constantly dealing with complex emotions, so finding inner peace is a goal every scorpion should have. This Harmony Ritual Kit from Moon & Jai will help them find more balance in their life. The kit includes white sage, a keepsake harmony meditation card, a selenite crystal for harmony and a tumbled blue quartz for hope and peace. 

GUNAS New York Black Diamond Luxury & Artisan Soap Bar

GUNAS New York
Sold By GUNAS New York

Each zodiac sign has a power color, and naturally, Scorpio's is black. This Black Diamond Luxury & Artisan Soap Bar from GUNAS New York is made with olive oil, butters and bamboo charcoal. It's a luxurious handmade soap that can be used as a cleanser and moisturizer. 

Sterling Forever Station Constellation Pendant Necklace

Sterling Forever
Sold By Sterling Forever

Despite the scorpion's not-so-great reputation, Scorpios are very proud to be Scorpios. This constellation pendant necklace from Sterling Forever is an accessory they'd love to show off. 

Corkcicle Exotic Stemless in Rattle

Sold By Corkcicle

Scorpios are represented by the scorpion, however, there are a few other animals they're associated with as well. A snake is one of them. This 12-ounce stemless cup from Corkcicle features a "slithery-chic" rattlesnake print and will keep their drinks cold for up to nine hours. 

Sol & Selene Hip Hugger in Leopard

Sol & Selene
Sold By Sol & Selene

Scorpios are very intellectual and love discovering new things and places. They're all about going into the unknown, and they're huge thrill seekers. This trendy hip hugger from Sol & Selene is the perfect bag to take on their adventures. They're very protective over their things as well, and this bag will make sure all their necessities are close by. 

Kure Bazaar Parisienne Nail Polish

Kure Bazaar
Sold By The Detox Market

Scorpios tend to gravitate towards darker colors, and this deep red nail polish from Kure Bazaar will be a go-to year round. It's environmentally friendly, and the formula is made from wood pulp, cotton, maize, potato and wheat. 

Goop The Martini Bath Soak

Sold By The Detox Market

As a water sign, Scorpios are very sensitive and tend to feel their emotions very deeply. Unlike their fellow water signs, they prefer to keep those feelings to themselves. This emotional detox bath soak from Goop contains himalayan pink salt and chia seed oil to help them relax and calm their mind after a stressful day. It's a must for any Scorpio looking to find more harmony and balance. 

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