Alexa PenaVega Reacts to "Ugly" Assumptions About Her Parenting After Son's Injury

Last week, Alexa PenaVega's 2-year-old son Kingston accidentally got his finger "severed" in a door. Now, the Spy Kids star is shutting down social media comments that question her parenting.

By Elyse Dupre Oct 21, 2021 8:55 PMTags
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Alexa PenaVega has a few words for anyone making assumptions about her parenting.

The 33-year-old actress took to Instagram on Thursday, Oct. 21 to address the social media comments she's received following her son Kingston's accident, in which the 2-year-old child's finger got caught in a bathroom door and was partially "severed." 

"Social media can be really frustrating," she wrote. "But after seeing the comments about people questioning my parenting and assuming I slammed a door in a fit of rage... absolutely not. I simply closed the door. That is literally what happened. I know I will never be able to please everyone and people will be ugly to be ugly... and for those people all I can do is pray for them." 

Alexa—who is currently staying on a large sailboat with Kingston, her husband Carlos PenaVega and the couple's two other children Ocean, 4, and Rio, 5 months—then showed the door where the accident took place.

"This was the door. He was in the bathroom, I didn't see his fingers in the hinge, so I just closed it," the Spy Kids star said in the footage. "It sucks so much, but it was that simple."

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After reading her message, Carlos took to the comments section to show his support. "Love u!" the 32-year-old actor and Big Time Rush alum wrote. "Your [sic] an amazing momma – things happen!! How close it's made [our family] is unreal!! Don't ever change! You do you boo."

The accident took place on Friday, Oct. 15. "Friday night was rough," Alexa wrote on her Instagram Stories Tuesday, Oct. 19. "While getting the kids ready for bed I shut Kington's fingers in the hinge of the bathroom door. His first finger is bruised and a little bloody…but his middle finger took the brunt of it and was severed from the first knuckle near the tip."

The petrified parents took Kingston to the hospital. "They were not able to reattach the piece of his finger. Poor baby," Alexa later added in her post. "But the other 9 are so cute! He'll be more than fine."


Alexa described the accident as "the most traumatic thing we've had to go through as a family." 

"The mom guilt and shame was really hard to get through," she shared. "But thank God for prayer and for the sweet little bruiser Kingston is. Carlos was amazing and swooped in like Superman to take care of our family. It took a minute for all of us to process what happened. If anything it made us all love each other even more and humbled us completely."

And it looks like Kingston is doing well. "Thankfully, Kingston is already doing flips like nothing happened," Alexa concluded. "Gosh I love my babies!"

In fact, she shared a video of the little guy on Oct. 20 and said "he's doing great."

The parents also opened up about the accident in a separate video posted to Instagram on Oct. 21, with Carlos noting "it was a door" and "that could have happened anywhere, anytime." Ultimately, they're just glad Kingston is OK.

"The fact that he's not showing signs of pain and that he is still playing and acting like himself, it's allowed our hearts to heal a lot faster because it was so traumatic for all of us," Alexa said. "It was just gnarly. It was a bad, bad Friday. But we learned a lot. We are much closer together now. I mean, we already were so close but we're even closer."

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