Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson

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Looks like there might be a future athlete-dude, not Playboy model-babe, in the Wilkinson-Baskett family. Kendra and Hank told us at the L.A. Film Festival premiere of Transformers yesterday they think they have a boy on the way.

"We don't officially know, but we keep saying he because we don't want to say it. The doctor kind of said he thinks it's a boy. But we don't know for sure yet," dished Kendra, oozing motherhood in a minidress with her boobs all covered up...damn. (Think Hank made her do that?)

"And I just have a feeling. I think it's a boy," Hank added. The studly inseminator, not all that shy, must be excited since that's what he was hoping for.

We asked Kendra if she was going to be popping babies out one right after the other...

"Yeah! We were just talking about that. I think that's a yes," said K with her trademark chuckle. "But we're taking it one step at a time! Concentrate on this one first, and see what happens next."

Bridget Marquardt, with the so-cute new BF, Nick Carpenter, also told us that Hank and Kendra "definitely" want another kid. "My guess is there will be at least one more," dished B.

But back to Kendra. She said so far the pregnancy is going well—minus the getting fat thing.

"My belly, it's growing out of control. And out of nowhere! I swear, all of a sudden bam! It grew overnight."

Hank, have you noticed lots of changes, too?
"Oh I don't care about the [getting fat]! I do notice she's tired, but I love it, 'cause now she likes to take naps, so I'll crawl up right next to her and get a good nap in."

Hope you won't get too many naps in when you leave for you're honeymoon this weekend!
"Oh no!" laughed the happy couple.

When you can get a definite answer from the doctor, will you?
"Yeah, for sure!" dished Kendra. "We definitely want to find out because we want to be 100 percent prepared. We won't be, but we want to try to be."

Where are you guys jetting off to after the wedding?
"We're kind of trying to keep it quiet," Hank said. Kendra added, "Because we're going to just run around the island naked!"

This could be one of the first legitimately happy couples we've met in a long time! Biggest congrats to Kendra and Hank, and hope the wedding goes smoothly on Saturday.

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