Stephen Baldwin, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me out of Here

Tyler Golden/NBC

Stephen Baldwin, who quit I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! over the weekend, talked to reporters this morning about the gross details of the medical condition that forced him to leave the jungle.

"I had [this] infestation of fly larvae in my skin. We had to remove those," he explained. "That was kind of gross. It was like a bad sci-fi movie." Upon his return home from Costa Rica, he said his kids got a kick out of his situation. "One of daddy's new titles was 'parasite host,' " he added.

Stephen suffered more than 125 bug bites in eight days in the jungle, causing him to have an allergic reaction and lose 22 pounds. He explained...

"On the eighth day of being in the jungle, I had already received 125 pretty severe insect bites," Stephen said. "The medical team there explained to me that I actually had been suffering a similar reaction to anaphylactic shock. I did stay after that an additional 11 more days, and they really started putting me on high doses of Benadryl. My strength and my health, really my immune system, had deteriorated since then, and I started to get a stomach bug."

But it wasn't all bad. Regarding the weight loss, Stephen joked, "My wife says she feels like she has a new man. I'm riding that wave all the way!"

Stephen will return to Costa Rica with the other departed contestants for the show's finale this Wednesday.

Who do you think will win this season of I'm a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!?

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