We Did a Social Media Deep-Dive on Michelle Young's Bachelorette Contestants So You Don't Have To

E! News did some serious social media digging on the 30 men viewers will meet on The Bachelorette's 18th season premiere. Follow or mute at your own discretion.

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Prepare to meet the next generation of Bachelor Nation.

Just two weeks after the end of Bachelor in Paradise and a little over three months post-Katie Thurston's season finale, Michelle Young's journey on The Bachelorette officially kicks off Tuesday, Oct. 19. The devil works hard, but Bachelor producers work harder.

Still, there is no sign of fatigue among fans, thank to the Michelle's charm and charisma. The elementary school teacher and former Division I basketball player won over viewers as Matt James' runner-up, so excitement and expectations have been nearing an all-time high for her tenure as Bachelorette.

But are her suitors worthy? Or are they trying to pull a Brendan Morais and Pieper James-type scheme by coming on the show in the pursuit of followers, fame and a free trip to Mexico next summer?

We decided to take a look at the Instagram accounts of every last one of season 18's contestants to get a sense of who they really are—or, at the very least, who they want the world to think they are. 

What did we discover? Too many dog dads to count, endless "fitspo," and the upcoming Bachelor's hilarious nickname and, perhaps, Clint Eastwood's alleged grandson? Yeah, guys, it's wild. 

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Here's what we learned about all of Michelle's men from going through their social media accounts. (Note: Edward, a 27-year-old wellness coach who "dreams of visiting Disney World one day" according to his official ABC bio, appears to have deleted his Instagram and hasn't tweeted since 2017.)


Instagram Followers: 2,933
Instagram Bio: CHS, SC | Civ Engineering | ✞ | @selectmodelatlanta | The Bachelorette: szn 18
What We Learned: His Insta page is classified as a "personal blog" so clearly, he is here for the right reasons! He played wide receiver for a military college, but is 30 and still has a football emoji in his bio. Anyway, there are a lot of modeling pics (his go-to photographer recently snapped Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy's engagement shoot), cameos from his dog (because of course) and self-deprecating captions. Example: "I love Key Lime martinis and I'll say that with my whole chest." Something tells us he'll be asking Wells to make some of those on the beach next summe.

Brandon J.

Instagram Followers: 1,621
Instagram Bio: PDX. "I am here to spread a message of hope" - J Cole
What We Learned: He doesn't post all that often and when he does it's usually one of the following: Beer, basketball or bros. So he'll fit right in!

Brandon K.

Instagram Followers: 1,293
Instagram Bio: Comb your hair before you go to bed. #ForeverLSU #AnchorDown. Austin, Texas
What We Learned: You guys, he really still loves LSU. Like a lot. (He earned a second degree from Vanderbilt, though that wasn't bio-worthy it seems.) Other interests include his dog Champ, traveling and the absolutely iconic stunt of getting his grandmother an item with their photo on it every Christmas.


Instagram Followers: 7,122
Instagram Bio: Spread Empathy. 8 year NFL Vet. Civil Engineering Grad. @iukelleyschool MBA Candidate. Political Junkie-World Traveler-Amateur Chef. All Glory to God.
What We Learned: In his two posts about joining the show, Bryan describes himself as "#thiccboy" and quotes Les Misérables twice. And when Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet (?!) asked in the comments if this was "a weird bet" he had lost, he responded, referencing his recent stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, "It was a super bowl bet. Lost a ring and my pride." Naturally, we are obsessed with him. Oh, and for the football fans, he's an offensive guard who was most recently signed on to the Atlanta Falcons' practice squad. But he's currently a free agent, so the NFL's loss is our gain!


Instagram Followers: 1,823
Instagram Bio: Miami. Creative Director. Musician.
What We Learned: He has the word music in his Instagram handle, so we're not really sure what else you need to know. Aside from promoting his future hits, Casey also posts about his nephews, his dogs and traveling. You know, very unique stuff for a Bachelorette contestant!

Chris G.

Instagram Followers: 2,163
Instagram Bio: Artist. Halifax, NS ����. educational speaker w non-profit @skills_ns. let's all bring just a little more Ted Lasso into the world.
What We Learned: Instead of endless photos of a dog, Chris has—gasp!—a pic with a cat and a goat, he dubbed Serena Williams in the caption. (Get it?) Pair that with the Ted Lasso reference in his bio and we at least know he has good taste.

Chris S.

Instagram Followers: 3,426
Instagram Bio: LA and New Orleans
What We Learned: Hmmm…Chris is kind of a mystery based on his Instagram page. He doesn't post too often (once per year basically) and there isn't a distinct pattern to his photos. He did once wear a fedora in 2017, so that's unfortunate.


Instagram Followers: 28,700
Instagram Bio: Former freestyle rapper and washed-up athlete now trying his luck in orthopaedic sales.
What We Learned: Um, yeah, he's the next Bachelor. So it should be interesting trying to invest in his relationship with Michelle. Alas, his Instagram tells us he seems like a pretty good dude that was basically engineered by Bachelor producers to be a lead (see: brief stint in the NFL). He has lots of family pics, a few shirtless photos, a Tough Mudder #humblebrag and the reveal that his co-workers call him "Beef Burger." Feel free to use that in promotional material for his season, ABC!


Instagram Followers: 1,225
Instagram Bio: Firefighter. Realtor @dtrealtor.
What We Learned: A firefighting realtor sounds like an occupation for the Hallmark Channel, not The Bachelorette! As expected, his Instagram page is filled with real estate content and fire trucks. On-brand, for sure.


Instagram Followers: 3,017
Instagram Bio: Bachelorette S18. Adventuring, outdoorsy entrepreneur. Utah. CEO
What We Learned: He teased the announcement that he would be part of the upcoming season with a shirtless pic of himself in the water in Mykonos and has since posted three times about being on the show. Other than that, there are a lot more photos sans shirt, as well as fishing pics. Plus, he went to flight school and runs technical accessories brand Dark Energy, which "develops near indestructible power products for outdoor, military, and tactical use."

Jack Russell

Instagram Followers: 836
Instagram Bio: Wharton MBA | Citadel Alum | Army Vet
What We Learned: With @jackrussellnottheterrier, he has the best Instagram handle in Bachelor Nation since Demi Burnett (@deminotlovato). He only joined Instagram in July and his first photo was with two dogs, of course.


Instagram Followers: 1,370
Instagram Bio: hope that when they paint my picture, they remember to color outside the lines. Free personal home health report www.sanctuaire.bio
What We Learned: So. Many. IGTVs. Mostly related to his biotech company (focusing on indoor air optimization) and offering advice about starting a business. Unfortunately, the only biz we are currently interested in is of the personal variety, Jamie!


Instagram Followers: 3,895
Instagram Bio: let up the suicide doors. this is my life homie, you decide yours.
What We Learned: So his last post was in April and it was about returning to IG after a two-year hiatus. Basically, he's a unicorn in the social media-obsessed world of Bachelor Nation. And he played college basketball at the University of Minnesota near Michelle's hometown, so...


Instagram Followers: 1,0006
Instagram Bio: Luke 1:37. Bachelorette S18. Straight Outta Portland. Personal Trainer
What We Learned: Fitness trainer with a bible verse in his bio? Must be a Bachelorette suitor! His feed is filled with workout content, including an intense close up of his calves with the caption, "Your body is your temple…keep it blessed." We're also getting PTSD from all of the photos of battle ropes, a weapon of mass destruction often utilized by trainers. We will not be surprised if there isn't at least one shot of JoMarri working out during the season.


Instagram Followers: 2,697
Instagram Bio: He defines me | ����. DURM | DTX. Bioengineer | Bachelorette 18.
What We Learned: Dudes, we had to go back to 2019 to find a non-professional photo of him on his Insta account. Who are you, Kim Kardashian?!


Instagram Followers: 7,904
Instagram Bio: This Could be Us.. But You Hate Me. Zen. Aviation. Artist. Yoga/Spin. @teeterfitness Coach. Animal Lover. Women Empowerment.
What We Learned: It's not on his video-filled feed, but the dude is reportedly Clint Eastwood's grandson! (He's the son of Laurie Murray, the Dirty Harry star's oldest child.) Bet you noticed those baby blues in the photo now. Oh, and in 2019, L.T. told Radar Online, "I've been doing some writing but I want my own show!"

Also, please take in this caption about the upcoming season: "Even if I'm sent home night one, I'm proud to have stood with this group of scintillating stallions; These gallant gladiators forced to do battle with one another, with the reward being a legendary life partner." Someone loves alliteration!


Instagram Followers: 13,100
Instagram Bio: I help busy people get in the best shape of their lives without a gym. Fitness App coming soon. YouTube: Martin Gelbspan. BS in Exercise Phys.
What We Learned: "Hi. My name is Martin. & I'm addicted to movement. & being outside." Well, that's one caption that sums Martin up pretty well. So many motivational posts, even more shirtless photos. And it seems like the only thing he loves more than doing backflips is documenting said backflips! If Miami were a person, it might just be Martin.


Instagram Followers: 944
Insta Bio: @bacheloretteABC 18 / loyalty . love . respect . good energy . positive vibes. Don't be Good… Be Great! One Love. ~ Adventure King ~
What We Learned: Mollique works as an assistant director of operations for the Associated Students at San Diego State University, according to his LinkedIn. The 36-year-old Jamaican also has an 8-year-old son and used to play basketball for The Basketball League's San Diego Guardians. 


Instagram Followers: 15,900
Instagram Bio: EWU Alumni. BA Business MGMT | Minor Africana Studies. Winnipeg, MB | Austin, TX. ������������
What We Learned: His dog Percy, who he adopted in April, is featured on his feed more than he is and he loves a business-centric self-help book. Nayte also has the best nose ring we have ever seen in Bachelor Nation. Currently a sales executive at Indeed.com, his LinkedIn states he previously worked as a teacher's aide in the Omaha public school district and was also a caregiver at Oberlin House Incorporated for 10 years.


Instagram Followers: 7,537
Instagram Bio: Model | ISSA-CPT|Motivator. Rutgers University-BA/MPA. @ultimatetagfox @bet @foxtv @livekellyandryan. "DoubleOFitness"
What We Learned: Another feed filled with modeling pics. The former Rutgers University basketball player is currently working as an IT analyst and fitness trainer. He's a twin, was an extra on your uncle's favorite show Billions and his favorite dish is "pounded yam with egusi soup and jollof rice and chicken."


Instagram Followers: 1,520
Instagram Bio: Bachelorette 18. Neuroscientist & Podcaster. Grew up poor but always felt rich. Made in Brooklyn. Twt Deepbrainstmuli. @deep_thoughts_podcast
What We Learned: When he's not, you know, neurosciencing, Pardeep is hosting an "intimate podcast about minorities in the sciences, arts and public service." During the pandemic, he co-founded The New York Biomedical Technician Rapid Response Team (BTRRT), which mobilized to help increase testing and track the spread of coronavirus in the under-served communities in NYC. He's also a nerd that goes to Comic-Con. Basically, he is too good for this show.


Instagram Followers: 2,040
Instagram Bio: Buon Giornooo, how you doin'? They call me Pizza King. Long Island born and raised. Owner @peters_pizzeria.
What We Learned: Um, he owns a pizzeria in Florida (which has four stars on Yelp, by the way, where several reviewers commended him for being very nice and welcoming!), so he basically is the man of our dreams. But, at 26, he's one of the youngest contestants on this season.


Instagram Followers: 2,447
Instagram Bio: @thebakarifoundation. @bakariluxurysportswear_. HFD
What We Learned: We were not prepared to discover about the firefighter's backstory when we checked out the accounts listed in his bio. P.J.'s brother Bakari Henderson was murdered in 2017 at the age of 22. His dream of launching Bakari Luxury Sportswear was carried out by his family, with proceeds from the athleisure brand's proceeds going to a foundation created in his honor. Yep, we're crying. No snark here, move right along!


Instagram Followers: 863
Instagram Bio: Every day is an opportunity. Los Angeles. Bachelorette season 18.
What We Learned: He's like Drake, except that he only loves his dog and his momma, at least according to his Instagram. A former model, he now works in the healthcare industry as a senior sales rep at a medical technology company. And according to his LinkedIn, "I outwork my competition and never let a lack of preparation keep me from accomplishing my goals. I believe everyday has numerous opportunities waiting to be taken advantage of. With that in mind I do everything with purpose."


Instagram Followers: 1,444
Instagram Bio: Faith, Family, Football. Fresno State Alumni. IE kid. John 3:30
What We Learned: Another almost pro athlete, Rodney was this close to making it to the NFL before he suffered a career-ending injury. But he did remain involved with the sport, becoming a high school football coach. He doesn't post on social media all that often, but when he does, it's usually about his family. 


Instagram Followers: 1,510
Instagram Bio: Data Scientist
What We Learned: A scientist named Romeo? Producers could not have scripted this better. In 2020, he graduated from NYU with a PhD in Atmosphere-Ocean Science and Mathematics. Um, we cover The Bachelor for a living, so same? His dad is Grammy-winning producer Prince Charles Alexander.


Instagram Followers: 1,303
Instagram Bio: "Attitude is equally as important as ability" Silicon Valley, CA
What We Learned: He does triathlons. For fun. He's also a big CrossFit guy, which, yeah, makes a lot of sense. But this actually isn't his first go-around in the franchise as he appeared as the Bachelor during The Bachelor Live on Stage tour stop in San Jose in February 2020. Clearly, that did not work out. He's also a coach in the Special Olympics and has been for 10 years, which is very sweet.


Instagram Followers: 2,799
Instagram Bio: CLE| Wooster 18'| Ireland | Bank Anti Money Laundering Analyst|@trills_skills_and_drills_ Creator| Very Proud Dad| Bachelorette SZN 18
What We Learned: The College of Wooster men's basketball team member is now a financial crimes analyst after spending some time living in Ireland, where he earned a master's in governance, compliance, and data protection in financial services. He's also a father to an adorable 3-year-old son who's a frequent presence on his feed.


Instagram Followers: 11,300
Instagram Bio: Bachelorette SZN 18. info@illmaticwill.com
What We Learned: In less than three weeks he's posted to his main grid five times about being on the show. Prior to promo, it was a lot of shots showing off his outfits and the occasional workout flex. Like Michelle, he also works in education, but as an academic interventionist.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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