Why Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Taking a Social Media Break One Month After Giving Birth

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who welcomed baby no. 3 in September, wants to take her "scrolling time" and "make it active time." Learn more about why she's unplugging from her social media channels.

By Elyse Dupre Oct 18, 2021 2:10 PMTags
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Looking to cut back on your social media scrolling? Jennifer Love Hewitt can relate.

In a message posted to Instagram Stories on Sunday, Oct. 17, the 42-year-old actress explained why she's reducing her time on these apps. Sharing a photo of herself inside a sauna, Hewitt, who welcomed son Aidan James Hallisay with husband Brian Hallisay in September, noted it was her first time back in one since her pregnancy and the birth.

"Two days ago was my first long bath since labor," she continued. "Some things you can't do till the doc says so and others you just stop taking time for."

Hewitt—who is also mom to daughter Autumn James Hallisay, 7, and son Atticus James Hallisay, 6—then stressed the importance of practicing self-care and taking "moments to breathe and feel yourself again," even in small ways. One way she's doing that is with a bit of a digital detox.

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"I am also starting at least a week maybe two away from social media tomm," the 9-1-1 star added. "I need to reset. I need to take my scrolling time and make it active time. Workouts, breathing, manifesting, time with my kids and husband. All of it."


Hewitt also shared that social media "makes me feel bad sometimes." As she put it, "Like I'm not enough. Doing enough. Getting my body back fast enough. Giving enough. All of it."

Hewitt then sent a message to any of her 1.1 million followers who could relate.

"I only share this for that one person or maybe more today who need time. Just for them," she wrote. "And need to know it's okay to take it. And in fact the taking of that time will make everything better. I promise. Sending love!" 

And it looks like she isn't the only one in her family decreasing screen time.

"Oh and because I am giving up social media, my kids wanna give up YouTube shows!" she concluded. "So one small miracle already lol."