How Madison Prewett Mastered the Art of Living Your Best Life After The Bachelor

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Madison Prewett previewed her Made for This Moment book and shared her hopes for women following her journey.

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Madison Prewett isn't your typical contestant from The Bachelor.

Before agreeing to participate in season 24 of ABC's reality show with lead Peter Weber in 2020, the Alabama resident recently graduated from seminary school and was hoping to become a pastor's wife. 

"That was what I had envisioned for my life," Madison exclusively shared with E! News. "And so, going on the show didn't really align with the plans or the purposes and really just the box that I had put my life in and myself in and the box other people had put me in."

While there was hesitation and even criticism from some of the people around her, Madison put her faith in God and agreed to sign up for the show. Spoiler alert: She made quite the impression.

Bachelor Nation's Still-Rosy Romances

Fans quickly fell in love with her authenticity and openness about faith. As for Peter, he brought her all the way to the finale before she decided to end their relationship. His mom, Barbara Weber, also complicated any hopes for a reconciliation. 

Instead of going on Bachelor in Paradise or pursuing stardom in Los Angeles, Madison decided to take another path and stand firm in her convictions with strength, grace and courage. It's the concept of her debut book titled Made for This Moment.

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"My life motto, my life verse is from the Bible. ‘This life is not about me.' I really live with that mentality or I try to live with that mentality," she shared with E! News. "When I'm presented with certain situations, I ask myself, ‘What is this going to benefit and who does this point towards? What is this going to do? What is this going to say? What is the message this is going to send?' I really ask myself all of those questions pretty much every day in any decision that I make."

"I know that I am a part of something so much bigger than me so I'm not really looking at, ‘How I can please me? How can I grow my platform? How can I make this about me?'" she continued. "It's really, ‘How can I make this about God and how can I add value to other people?' When I think like that with opportunities that are presented, there's just some that just aren't really that appealing to me because it doesn't really lead to the bigger picture of adding value to my mission statement and perspective of life."

While Madison remains friendly with several members of Bachelor Nation, a chapter in her book titled Check Your Surroundings explores the importance of keeping good company around you.

Made for This Moment

"I kept getting asked, ‘How are you able to stand firm under pressure and stay true to yourself? How were you able to walk in your convictions and not really be led by whatever everyone else is telling you to do?'" Madison recalled when sharing the inspiration behind her new project. "When I started writing my book, that was really the heart behind it." 

According to Madison, her best friends from before The Bachelor are the same gal pals who remain by her side today.

"I think it's so important to have people around you that are not only going to hold you accountable, but also that are going to call you higher," she shared. "People who are maybe doing life a little bit better than you are or people who are maybe a few steps ahead of you, who can just push you and make you better and love you well and speak life into you. I think that's so important especially in this day and age that we're living in and we're constantly surrounded by negativity and we're constantly surrounded by comparison and all of these different things."

Stars' Juiciest Tell-Alls

When fans ask if Madison is still the same girl they know after the show, she's confident her friends will say absolutely yes. She's also extremely grateful to have a group of pals who never advised her to look at the comments from strangers across the country.

"I think my friends were able to keep me sane and keep me humble throughout that time and just remind me not to listen to all of the negative or all of positive because I didn't want my head to be filled with all this praise by other people and for me to think that I was ‘the girl' or to be constantly insecure because I'm always thinking about everyone's bashing me," she said. "I believe that who you surround yourself with matters so much."

For those looking for a juicy Bachelor tell-all, Madison warns readers that this book likely won't be the one for you. Instead, she hopes her stories will help readers navigate the complex realities of living in an age of social media and confusing standards.

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"I don't want to write just a Bachelor book. I don't want to write a book just to write a book," she explained. "If I write anything and if I do anything and if I speak about anything, I want it to be something that adds value to people. I wanted it to be something that they're longing to know. Something that is so much deeper than Bachelor tea and something that actually can transform your life."

"I messed up a lot and I've fallen short a lot and folded under pressure and failed but I've learned from it and I've also had moments where I felt like God gave me what I needed to stand strong and to stand firm," Madison added. "I've experienced both and I really just want to meet people exactly where they're at, but take them to where they dream and long for."

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