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So much for the Phil Spector-set precedent of guilty celebrities getting what they fully deserve. Chris Brown gets to beat up Rihanna, allegedly almost choking her to suffocation and leaving her to fend for herself, and all the schmuck gets is community service and probation? Oh, and he's gotta go through an anti-domestic violence program, like he won't be texting his buddies all through class, if he shows up at all.

C.B.'s wrist slap of a punishment is sending a horrible message to all the lowlifes out there: Turns out, you can savagely beat up your significant other in exchange for some community service—don't worry about any jail time if you're a celebrity. There are a lot of freaks in the world who would gladly pay that price to be able to assault their girlfriends that way. This light sentencing is a huge disrespect to every abused woman out there.

What I'm even more pissed about is Rihanna making it all the way to the courtroom and she didn't get to testify against her attacker. Ri-Ri's side still remains unheard to this day, and I doubt we ever will hear it. What's it gonna take for her to finally open up and share her experience so anything this vicious doesn't happen again—to others or to her? Don't pretend like it never happened, Ri, 'cause we here at the A.T. sure aren't.

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