Jameela Jamil Fiercely Defends Her Producing Credit on Boyfriend James Blake's Album

Jameela Jamil fired back at anyone who believed her producing credit on boyfriend James Blake's new album was given to her just "to be nice."

By Ryan Gajewski Oct 11, 2021 3:06 AMTags
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Jameela Jamil is speaking out after some social media users apparently questioned her role on boyfriend James Blake's latest album. 

On Friday, Oct. 8, the 35-year-old The Good Place alum took to Twitter to defend the producing credit she receives on James' fifth studio album, Friends That Break Your Heart, which dropped that day. Jameela, who previously worked as a DJ in London, is not only credited as a producer on the album but also has producing credits on more than half of the songs, including lead single "Say What You Will."

"A lot of mostly women insisting I couldn't possibly have actually worked on my boyfriend's music, and that he must have just credited me to be nice," Jameela tweeted. "I was a DJ for 8 years, and studied music for 6 years before that. You are part of the problem of why women don't pursue producing." 

The following day, she tweeted, "Didn't expect this conversation to blow up the way it did, or to see so much support. Saddened to see how many women in music have faced so much gaslighting over their skill and input and sending you love. We have to AT LEAST do better for each other because these are BLEAK TIMES."

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Also on Oct. 9, she posted to Instagram that she initially told James she didn't want to be credited because she was "so preemptively sick of the internet." She added that she ultimately opted to take the credit in order to encourage other women to own their accomplishments. 


"James had to fight me to take credit on this album because I was so Preemptively sick of the internet. Especially after this same thing happened on his last record that I worked for countless hours on," the Legendary judge wrote. "In the end I took the credit I deserved because of how important it is for women who work on music to visibly exist in the space of music production, and because I would want any of you who follow me to take ownership of what is rightfully your achievements."

Among those sharing support in the comments section was Questlove, who wrote, "Take all the credit." Additionally, Chelsea Handler posted, "Women are smarter, more resourceful, and have had to deal with forced humility. We're done with all that." 

Previously, Jameela had tweeted on Oct. 8 that it was the "privilege of my life was getting to work on this record," adding a photo of marketing for the album from Times Square in New York City. James, 33, responded to that tweet by writing, "Couldn't have done it without you. The privilege was mine!!"