Adele Surprises Fans With Song Clip From New "Divorce" Album on Instagram Live

Adele has teased never-before-heard music from her new "divorce" album. The singer played a new snippet for fans ahead of the official release of the anticipated record's first single "Easy on Me."

By Corinne Heller Oct 09, 2021 8:47 PMTags

Hello, it's Adele, with a little prezzie for you this fine weekend.

On Saturday, Oct. 9, the 33-year-old singer made a surprise appearance on Instagram Live to answer some fans' questions, during which she played a new snippet of the first single, "Easy on Me," from her anticipated new album, which she said was based on "divorce, babe, divorce."

Resting her hand under her chin, Adele slowly moved her head, closed her eyes and gave a small smile to the camera as the ballad played.

Lyrics include, "There ain't no gold in this river / That I've been washing my hands in forever / I know there is hope in these waters / But I can't bring myself to swim / When I am drowning in this silence / Baby, let me in."

"That's it. That's all I'm going to play," Adele said, as she stopped the music. "Oh, my phone's already buzzing, I'm gonna get in trouble."

"Easy on Me" features Adele's signature powerful and haunting vocals and comes two years after she filed papers to end her marriage to Simon Konecki, father of their almost 9-year-old son Angelo.

Adele Through the Years

In a November 2021 Vogue cover interview, Adele said she was not sure if her new record is a divorce album, saying that it "was more me divorcing myself...Just being like, Bitch, f--kin' hot mess, get your f--kin' shit together!"

The album became a way of explaining things to Angelo, Vogue reported. "He has so many simple questions for me that I can't answer, because I don't know the answer," Adele told the magazine. "Like, Why can't we still live together? That's just not what people do when they get divorced. But why not? I'm like, I don't f--king know. That's not what society does. And: Why don't you love my dad anymore? And I'd be like, I do love your dad. I'm just not in love."

The singer added, "I can't make that make sense to a nine-year-old."

A shorter, solely instrumental snippet of "Easy on Me" is heard on a clip of the single's music video that was released on Adele's official YouTube page earlier this week and the full single is set to drop on Oct. 15.

The release date of the singer's new album, the follow-up to her 2015 record 25, and its title have not been announced. It is rumored to be called 30, which is how old the singer was when she and Simon broke up after more than eight years together.

Also, during her Instagram Live chat with fans, Adele talked about topics unrelated to her new album. She introduced fans to one of her dogs and gave shout-outs to fellow singers Taylor Swift, Doja Cat, Lana del Rey, Lady Gaga, Avril LavigneHarry Styles—who she dubbed a "very, very sweet boy", and Britney Spears, saying that "of course" she supports the #FreeBritney movement and was "really happy for her" following her recent conservatorship victory.