A Refresher For You: Everything to Remember Heading Into Season 3

Ahead of the season three premiere of You on Oct. 15, revisit all the hair-raising and questionable decisions Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) has made.

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It's time to grab your nondescript baseball hats, because the season three premiere of You is just around the corner.

This season of the Netflix drama follows Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) as he tries to start over in a Northern California suburb with his wife Love (Victoria Pedretti) and their child. Of course, as we've learned over the first two seasons of You, Joe is rarely satisfied unless he's fixating on a special someone. And, unfortunately for Love, it appears that she hasn't inspired a "Hello, You" from Joe in some time.

"Being your dad is changing me," Joe confides in his infant son in the trailer from Sept. 17. "For you, I'd move to some soulless suburb. For you, I'd marry the monster. Your mother, Love. What could go wrong?"

We're guessing a whole lot, especially if this season is like the previous ones. So, while we wait to reunite with the idealistic book lover, who has an unfortunate stalking streak, let's revisit all the major moments that's led to Joe's relocation to NorCal.

Everything We Know About You Season 3

Rewind to 2018, where Joe is living in his hometown of New York City and working in a bookshop. At first, Joe seems like an old school romantic, falling for a promising young writer named Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). Joe's fixation on Beck begins to grow, with the You leading man combing through her social media accounts, following her around the city while wearing a cap and tapping her phone.

Things go from uncomfortable to murderous when Joe assaults Beck's boyfriend Benji (Lou Taylor Pucci) with a mallet and locks him in a plexiglass vault. Joe goes on to take Benji out by lacing a coffee with peanut oil, which the latter is allergic to.


This is not the last murder we witness Joe commit, as he later kills Beck's best friend Peach (Shay Mitchell) for being suspicious of him. To be fair, he had previously whacked her over the head with a rock. So, even if she didn't know for sure it was Joe, she had a reason to be concerned.

Fast forward several months, with Joe and Beck reuniting after a brief split, but the reunion goes awry when Joe learns that Beck slept with her therapist, Dr. Nicky (John Stamos). That's not even the real issue, as Beck has learned that Joe is a stalking psychopath. Specifically, she finds evidence of all of his crimes in the name of love.


To keep her from leaving, Joe locks Beck in the plexiglass prison, where she pens a novel framing Dr. Nicky for all the wrongdoings done by Joe. This seems to win Joe over, who proceeds to let her out. But, before Joe can utter "Hello, You," he is locked in the cage and Beck attempts to escape the bookstore.

Although Beck is spotted by Joe's kid neighbor Paco (Luca Padovan), no help comes as the young boy is loyal to Joe, who murdered Paco's mom's abusive boyfriend. Eventually, Joe escapes and kills Beck by strangling her to death.

Joe gets away with the crime by framing Dr. Nicky, but gets spooked when Candace (Ambyr Childers), the first ex he supposedly killed, reveals herself to be alive.

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Here's where season two picks up! In an attempt to escape Candace's rightful wrath, Joe flees to Los Angeles and adopts a new identity: Will Bettelheim.

In typical You fashion, he finds himself falling for Love (Pedretti). Gotta love this name choice!

The pair become acquainted as Joe gets a job at Love's family's trendy whole foods store, Anavrin. Although Joe tries to fight his stalker urges, he can't help but fall in love with Love and does everything in his power to become close with the chef, including befriending her troubled twin brother Forty (James Scully).

In addition to all of this, Joe tries to take down a predatory comedian Henderson (Chris D'Elia), who raped his neighbor Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) when she was 17 and is now targeting her sister Ellie (Jenna Ortega).


Once again, Joe protects his young neighbor by killing Henderson—although it was more of an accident since the guy fell down the stairs. The drama only heightens when Candace, now going by Amy, emerges as Forty's new girlfriend.

Candace goes on to expose the truth about Joe, but Love and Forty end up believing Joe's story that he moved to Los Angeles to escape an obsessed Candace. Love does briefly dump Joe because of the deception.

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After a brief tryst, Delilah becomes suspicious that Joe had something to do with Henderson's death, which results in her being locked in Joe's Los Angeles-based plexiglass vault (which lives in a storage unit). He promises to let her out, using a handcuffed timer attached to a table.

Delilah is never able to escape the see-through prison, as she is murdered before the timer goes off. Joe, frazzled by this unplanned death, tries to retrace his steps from the night before, where he had taken LSD.

Candace follows Joe to his storage unit, where he is then locked in the vault alongside Delilah's corpse. Love, who had previously reconciled with Joe, arrives, only to kill Candace and admit to killing Delilah.

While declaring her love for Joe, Love reveals that they are one in the same, with her having killed her brother's au-pair at a young at age. Tempted to kill his lethal paramour, Joe decides not to after learning Love is pregnant with his child.

2021 TV Premiere Dates

Unfortunately, Forty has figured out Joe's connection to Beck's murder, and tries to save Love, but fails as he's shot by the police. The blame for Candace and Henderson's deaths are then put on Love's late brother.

Season two ends with Joe and Love starting fresh in Northern California. But Joe can't seem to shake his obsessive habits, as he finds himself drawn to the next door neighbor.

For what happens next, we'll have to tune in to You season three when it hits Netflix on Friday, Oct. 15. 

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