Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Tease Reunion With Carly 2 Years in the Making

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baliterra also reveal if they would ever consider expanding their family through adoption.

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Prepare to witness a special milestone for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

As season 10 of Teen Mom OG continues airing this fall, many fans are hoping to receive an update on the couple's 12-year-old daughter Carly, who they placed for adoption in 2009. Spoiler alert: Something special is coming.

After nearly two years apart, Carly and her birth parents were able to reunite in person for a private moment. 

"We did end up having a visit with Carly and MTV did follow that. They didn't film Carly herself or anything like that but they always film us," Carly exclusively teased to E! News. "People will be able to witness what our reaction was from the first day to the last day, from leaving and even just like the start of the visit and things like that, which I think is definitely important." 

Back in 2009, viewers watched Tyler and Catelynn make the difficult decision to place their daughter for adoption. While fans have had the chance to meet Carly's adoptive parents Brandon and Theresa Davis in past episodes, the couple has limited their TV participation as Carly gets older.

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While Catelynn respects their decision, she's still grateful to have the chance to update fans and show an authentic story about adoption.

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"I think it's awesome to be able to show the journey of an open, semi-open adoption through the years and the ups and the downs and learning and navigating this relationship," she shared. "I think it's super awesome that we can continue to do that in a way that can show our fans the journey but also in the way that it allows Carly's parents to feel comfortable with us sharing it as well." 

For Tyler, he feels "blessed" to share his story as fans continue to share experiences about how they can relate to his journey with Catelynn. His hope is that their experience may have opened the eyes to others who were unfamiliar with the adoption world.

"Before our 16 and Pregnant aired, I've never really heard about adoption, let alone open adoption," he shared. "I feel like we did a good job of opening the door for that conversation to happen and making it more normal, more accepted to get information. It's kind of great to think about being part of that door opening, but we're blessed to do it."

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These days, life at home is busier than ever as the couple raises three daughters including Novalee, 6, Vaeda, 2, and 1-month-old Rya.


"The house is covered in toy, diapers, onesies and burp rags. That's what we're dealing with," Tyler joked before Catelynn added, "With girls, there's lot of screaming and loudness. I'm always like, ‘Oh Lord, what are we gonna do when they're all teenagers?'"

With that in mind, would there ever be a chance the couple would be open to adopting another child? 

"I mean, we never, ever took adoption off the table," Tyler shared. "But right now, we're pretty busy with the ones we've got, but I guess we'll see in the future."

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on MTV. 

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