Find Out What's in Nanny Faye's Penis-Shaped Package in Hilarious Chrisley Knows Best Preview

Nanny Faye has some explaining to do when Todd Chrisley and his kids find a NSFW delivery in this exclusive sneak peek of tonight's new Chrisley Knows Best. Watch.

By Allison Crist Oct 07, 2021 3:00 PMTags

A special delivery.

Nanny Faye is known for her hilarious antics, but this exclusive sneak-peek of tonight's all-new Chrisley Knows Best takes things to a whole ‘nother level as Savannah Chrisley discovers a very interestingly shaped package addressed to none other than her grandmother.

"That is a package," Savannah's dad Todd Chrisley says, quickly repeating himself with an emphasis on the last word. "No, that is a package."

One look at the piece of mail should indicate where this is heading, but to be clear, the package does indeed resemble a penis.

"Do you think it vibrates?" Chase Chrisley's best friend Elliott chimes in, much to Savannah and Todd's horror.

At this point, Nanny Faye finally emerges and insists that she open the package—again, much to Savannah and Todd's horror. But despite their urging, she continues.

Adds Elliott, "She's a grown woman, she's allowed to have her private time!"

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Before the Chrisleys can completely scold him, they're able to breathe a sigh of relief.

"It's a lint lizard!" Nanny Faye reveals. "You attach this to your vacuum. It cleans the lint out of your dryer."

Todd blames his kids for what they were all thinking, jokingly describing them as "the nastiest, pervert-iest bunch of people."

Unfortunately for him, once Savannah explains that they thought a sex toy was in the package, Nanny Faye gets very candid: "Why would I use a sex toy when there are plenty of men available? 

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Gotta love her!

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