Jesy Nelson Reveals Why She Hasn't Spoken to Little Mix "Sisters" Since Exit

"I love them. They are my sisters in so many ways, but for the time being we just don't talk," Jesy Nelson said about her former Little Mix bandmates in a new interview with Glamour UK.

By Alyssa Morin Oct 06, 2021 8:31 PMTags
Watch: Jesy Nelson Reveals Why She Hasn't Spoken to Little Mix

Jesy Nelson isn't playing the "Heartbreak Anthem" these days.

Instead, the former Little Mix member is more than eager to embark on the next chapter of her life as she enters her solo era.

The 30-year-old singer, who left the beloved British pop group last December due to mental health reasons, recently revealed where she stands with her former bandmates—Perrie EdwardsLeigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirwall—and whether or not they's kept in touch.

Speaking to Glamour UK as the digital cover star for its October 2021 issue, Jesy explained, "It is weird because for so many years we were as close as sisters, together every hour of the day for weeks, sharing beds, laughing, crying just 24/7 the four of us together and then...Nothing."

Additionally, Jesy admitted that she hasn't seen Perrie's or Leigh-Anne's new babies either. Both Little Mix stars welcomed their first children in August.

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"We've sent a few texts, but that's it," Jesy shared of her interactions with the other women. "I can't explain it, it's like there has to be this distance. We were so close so you can't do in-between, there has to be space. Hopefully, at some point in the future, we can all come back together."

The musician clarified that she still cares about her former bandmates, saying, "I love them. They are my sisters in so many ways, but for the time being we just don't talk."


In December 2020, Jesy announced that she was bidding a farewell to Little Mix.

"The past nine years in Little Mix has been the most incredible time of my life," the performer wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. "We have achieved things I never thought possible."

The English star explained that she was moving on because "being in the band has really taken a toll on my mental health."

"I find the constant pressure of being in a girl group and living up to expectations very hard," she continued. "There comes a time in life when we need to reinvest in taking care of ourselves rather than focusing on making other people happy, and I feel like now is the time to begin that process. So after much consideration and with a heavy heart, I'm announcing I'm leaving Little Mix."

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Jesy, who is dropping her debut single "Boyz" with Nicki Minaj later this week, told Glamour UK that she's in a much better headspace now.

"I feel in control of my life, I don't have that constant anxiety, the feeling I might be letting someone down or voicing an opinion that won't fit with the others," she shared. "It's so completely liberating and that has been massive for my state of mind."

As she put it, "That Jesy has gone."