Here's Why Jared Padalecki Is Apologizing to Gilmore Girls Fans

In light of celebrating the 21st anniversary of Gilmore Girls hitting our TV screens, show alum Jared Padalecki issued a few playful apologies on Twitter. See why he “hopes he can be forgiven."

By Kisha Forde Oct 06, 2021 7:11 PMTags
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Jared Padalecki has a few choice words about his time playing Dean Forester.
On Oct. 5, the hit series Gilmore Girls officially turned the big 2-1, and in celebration of the show's anniversary, Netflix dedicated a heartwarming message to the series on Twitter. This special shoutout from the streaming service prompted the actor to jokingly apologize for his appearance when the show first premiered in 2000.

"Gilmore Girls premiered 21 years ago today," Netflix wrote on Oct. 5, alongside a few photos from the pilot episode, one of which included Jared. "Introducing us to one of the greatest mother-daughter duos in television history, blessing us with endlessly quotable dialogue, and making generations long to live in the quaint yet wildly quirky Stars Hollow."

The Supernatural star, who was only 18 when the series debuted, replied to the post, "Sorry about the teeth… And the forehead… ("five"-head?..?) Glad I grew into those." Netflix responded to the actor's comment perfectly, replying, "Zero apologies required, sir."

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However, the lighthearted apologies didn't just stop there. 

After a fan account tagged Jared in another shoutout for his role as Dean, boyfriend to one of the titular Gilmore Girls, the actor responded, "I am deeply sorry for breaking into your houses for 21 years to make you look at, and listen to me… I hope I can be forgiven."

And if you're wondering where the actor stands on the infamous decades-long Dean vs. Jess (played by Milo Ventimiglia) debate—that is, which one made a better boyfriend for Rory Gilmore—well, the answer of brotherly love may just surprise you.