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Is there reason to panic over the future of Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl?

We've received your frantic emails, done a little reporting on your behalf and can now tell you whether or not you should worry. Jump to the Spoiler section to find out the future of Chair's newly established relationship.

In other TV news today, we deputized a fan on the street to get us the scoop on Friday Night Lights season four direct from Taylor Kitsch himself, and we can also tell you about the key creative force who just departed Heroes, whether House's Thirteen is on the chopping block and whether or not Desperate Housewife Bree is still a cheating tramp. Read on for those answers and much more:

Wil in Ottawa, Canada: Is it true that Audrina from The Hills landed a recurring gig on the new CW show The Beautiful Life?

A CW rep tells us of Audrina Partridge and Mischa Barton possibly sharing screen time: "It's a rumor. Nothing to it at this point."

Malibu in Memphis, Tenn.: Who are they casting as Alexis on One Tree Hill?
No one has snagged that role yet. Alexis doesn't appear in the first episode of One Tree Hill season seven, so producers are takin' their time to find the right person.

Eloise in Stockton, Calif.: What's the deal with this Virtuality movie that I'm hearing about?
Virtuality is a two-hour TV movie that was originally intended to be a TV pilot. Virtuality won't be going to series, but because it's high-quality goodness from respected show runner Ronald D. Moore, it's getting on the air as is, this Friday at 8 p.m. on Fox. We watched it this weekend, and it's good, but weird. (FYI, Ronald D. Moore has not gotten over his obsession with air locks. It does seem like a fairly awful way to die, but the galaxy needs to come up with more varied ways to kill astronauts: suffocation by space vacuum is so 2004.) And speaking of all things RDM, if you haven't seen it yet, check out this awesome Edward James Olmos-narrated trailer for the upcoming TV movie told from the Cylon perspective, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan.

Amanda in West Hollywood, Calif.: Since Katie Holmes is now performing in the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, what can we look forward to in the 100th episode?
Lil C tells us exclusively: "I'm hearing that the judges might want to have a meeting on the dance floor, so I'm going to be the first one there. I would love to take part in that." Wait, are you talking about a number where all the judges perform? Awesome. Crazy and perhaps illogical, but awesome. (We want to see Tabitha & Napoleon, Brian Friedman, Wade Robson, Mia Michaels and Mandy Moore perform—who's on your wish list? Post in the comments!)


Tina in San Francisco: Have you seen 10 Things I Hate About You yet? I loved the movie, and I can't decide whether to be intrigued or irritated by the idea of a TV show.
Jen here: I don't want to speak for my compatriots, but the Valley girl in me must say this: OMG, you guys, it's so awesome. 10 Thing I Hate About You the TV show is hella funny (thanks to the likes of original movie castmember Larry Miller, who played/plays the dad), the show runner talks openly about being inspired by teen TV greats Buffy the Vampire Slayer and My So-Called Life, and Ethan Peck (who plays Patrick Verona, the Heath Ledger part) is at the beginning of a superstar arc that will knock us all back like we were hit with the blast wave of an asteroid hitting Earth. Watch this show so you can say you knew him when. Meanwhile, check out the promo music video now (because "I Want You to Want Me" is never not good tunes) and then swing back here after the July 7 premiere for more scoop on the season-one kisses, including some hot girl-on-girl action.

Callie in Larchmont, N.Y.: I love Candace Cameron Bure! What can you tell us about her part on Make It or Break It?
When we talked to Candace about her new ABC Family show, Make It or Break It, she told us about a pretty entertaining coincidence: "So my character's boyfriend on the show is named Steve Tanner (Anthony Starke), which might be a little fun for Full House fans, because there's a Tanner in Make It or Break It. It's really funny. I joined this show later, and it was already set in stone, and they couldn't change it, so we thought, 'If they keep them together, I think Summer is keeping her last name.' "

Salem in Midland, Mich.: Did you see the rumor that Disney World might be building a Lost attraction?
A rep for Disney theme parks tells us reports of Lost the ride are "not true."

Nanda in New York City: Help us, TV Gossip Girl: Do you have any good Chuck and Blair spoilers? Please?!
You Gossip Girl fans can all exhale: Chuck and Blair aren't breaking up any time soon.

Doug in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England: I saw on Twitter that Bryan Fuller and Heroes are parting ways. Do you know anything more?
Sources confirm this is true. Bryan Fuller handed in one final script for an early episode of Heroes season four, and he is now moving on to develop new pilots for NBC. The cast is going to miss him.

Erica from Houston

Erica in Houston: Hey Kristin, I know you are a huge Friday Night Lights fan, as am I, so I thought I would give you some scoop straight from the source. This past week I ran into Taylor Kitsch getting off of his motorcycle (I know, sooo Riggins, right?) in Austin. He told me that he is fully in on FNL season four and that Tim and Billy have an awesome storyline. He also let me know that they will bring in a lot of new characters and that it should be a great season! Side note: I was in town to see the FNL casting director, and she said that casting for the new season will start mid-July and filming starts Sept. 1.
1. You and Taylor Kitsch both rock.
2. Oh my god you are cuddling with Tim Riggins!
3. Reps for Taylor and NBC say it's too early to confirm anything about season four, but in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, we are totally taking your and Tim Riggins' word for it! Yay for more 33!

Michelle in San Jose, Calif.: I want to know about Alanis Morissette's role on Weeds. Any good?
Mary-Louise Parker tells us, "Alanis is terrific. I actually don't have much with her because most of it she's with Justin Kirk, but she was very lovely." Unfortunately, the reefer mama can't seem to shake the rocker-actress's 1996 persona: "I still have this image of her in Jagged Little Pill, but she's so well-mannered and soft-spoken, almost ladylike. It's so bizarre because I see that video in my head sometimes where she's all pissed off. It doesn't really connect." We're right there with you, girlfriend.

Jesse in Las Vegas: I've heard they might keep Alanis Morissette around on Weeds past this season. Any word yet?
MLP says of a possible Alanis return engagement: "If she doesn't get shot or taken away by vigilantes then she might be back."

Adam Taylor/FOX

Marika: Will Thirteen and Taub be leaving at the end of this season? They will have completed their three-year fellowships by then. Will Chase and Cameron come back, or will there be new fellows?
House executive producer David Shore says it's too early in the season to know if they're going to be introducing new characters. He says, "We don't have any plans on that. As we get closer to the end of the year we might, but I don't think we've mined everything we can with the six fellows we've had there."

Sabrina in Kentucky: Will we ever know for sure if Cuddy realizes what House imagined happened between them? Please reassure us that they won't drop this sizzling hot storyline!
As the cast teased last week, a lot of this season has to do with House (Hugh Laurie) working his way back to sanity and realizing his feelings for Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). To answer your question specifically, David Shore says, "I think she does know. Actually, we had some discussion about it. I think him standing on the balcony, screaming out 'I slept with Lisa Cuddy!' [gave it away]."

Sandra in Germany: I'd like to know if we'll see more of Cuddy as a mom in the future on House. I like the idea of her being a working mom; she could be such a good role model for women if they'd convey this storyline properly.
We asked Lisa Edelstein if she wants to see that as well, but she's more interested in the Huddy relationship than keeping up with Cuddy's baby. Lisa tells us, "I'm eager to see what they do with the House and Cuddy storyline. The baby is fine, but I don't think it's really about that. I'm sure it will be woven through, but it grounds her to have a child. I think it gives her more of a life than she had. But ultimately it's not about that, the show is not about that. The show is about the hospital and the inner relationships at the hospital."

AP Photo/Matt Sayles

Lily in Santa Monica, Calif.: When does Evan Rachel Wood show up as the queen on True Blood?
We have to wait a bit to see Evan Rachel Wood as True Blood's 400-year-old lesbian vampire queen Sophie-Anne. She's slated to appear in episodes 11 and 12 on Aug. 30 and Sept. 6, respectively, and sources tell us, "She may appear in future episodes next season."

Stacy in Cheshire, Conn.: What happens with Lafayette on True Blood?
This Sunday, Sookie (Anna Paquin) discovers that Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) has been keeping Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) in his basement and freaks out on him. Naturally. In exchange for Lafayette's release, Sookie agrees to head to Dallas to find some missing vampires. She doesn't end up going alone: Bill and Jessica accompany her.

Brad in Memphis, Tenn.: What else can you tell us about the new supernatural creature that appears on True Blood this season?
We can tell you that the creature appears in the June 28 episode and brutally attacks Sookie (Anna Paquin). It's got a bull head, a half animal, half human body, gnarly claws and is poisonous like a Komodo dragon. And it almost kills Sookie. But Eric and Bill (Stephen Moyer) team to help make her as good as new. Oh, and we soon find out the murdered voodoo lady from the first episode of the season was a victim of this same creature.


Mark in Dallas: Do you know if Violet and Charlotte are coming back on Private Practice?
Good news! KaDee Strickland has confirmed her return for the third season, but it did come down to the wire. Says KaDee, "Until I got my pickup letter, I didn't think I was coming back like the rest of us. I think Amy [Brenneman] got hers; I'm sure she did. It should be an interesting thing to see what they do when we come back."

Debbie in San Diego: Any idea who Annie hit with her car on 90210?
AnnaLynne McCord tells us the 90210 cast just found out last week, and "It's really bad." Hit the comments with your guesses as to who it is or who you want it to be! As for Naomi in the upcoming second season, AnnaLynne teases, "Obviously there was a horrible ending for poor Naomi. She is over Liam, and she is over Annie. She goes through the first half of the season really trying to prove that to herself. I don't think she's really over him, but we'll see that push and pull." Speaking of Liam, Matt Lanter spills, "We're going to get into his family life a little bit more. It's 90210 so I'm sure there are going to be some new romances and some jealousy and backstabbing."

Bri in Pasadena, Calif.: Loved the Saving Grace premiere. Any scoop?
As you saw in the season premiere last week, Butch is now engaged. Bailey Chase tells us it's not going to be easy though: "Butch is looking to potentially end his bachelor ways in season three," he says. "The rest is just to protect and serve." You may also remember that Chase popped up on Castle this year as Will Sorenson. "They're trying to work out the scheduling so I can come back in the fall." However, don't expect him to be back on Ugly Betty again. "There was talk, but then when the show moved to New York it become a geographical thing, so I wouldn't see myself going back there unless they decided to come back to L.A. Becks is off with models and bottles as Biggie Smalls famously said," adds Chase.

Samantha in Teaneck, N.J.: Desperate Housewives scoop please!
Looks like Bree (Marcia Cross) isn't giving up on her adulterous ways. Kyle MacLachlan says of the sixth season: "They've brought back Richard Burgi and he's going to come between us a little bit. They have some things coming up. They haven't told me exactly what's going to happen, but there are going to be some sparks."

Michelle in Los Angeles: Is Dominic Monaghan going to be on Flash Forward or what?
Unfortunately for the fans, executive producer David Goyer would not confirm the rumors that Dominic Monaghan is going to be on Flash Forward. He says he does have a Google Alert set for the show, so he reads all the rumors pouring out: "So much of the speculation is so f--king wrong, it's awesome!" Are they just trying to throw us off the scent?

Steve in Portland, Ore.: Peter Facinelli's character in Nurse Jackie is said to have sexual Tourette's syndrome. Is that even real, and does it come up again on the show?
Yes, it's real. And, yes, we love Dr. Cooper's quirk as much as the next guy, but the show uses it sparingly. It doesn't rear its funny head again until ep five, and then again in ep six. The plot thickens on Dr. Cooper as we learn he was raised by two lesbian mothers (played by Blythe Danner and Swoosie Kurtz) who show up in episode six.

Venus in Iowa: Thanks for all the good Burn Notice scoop last week. What else can you tell us?
Burn Notice show runner Matt Nix emphasized that Michael and Fiona's issues this season will be serious but will also be mostly illustrated via subtext—especially in that episode-six sparring scene. As Nix put it: "Michael and Fiona are not people who like talking about their feelings."

Lauren in San Antonio, Texas: I love the zany characters on the new show Royal Pains. Do you have any details about upcoming episodes?
Why yes we do, Lauren. The other day we chatted with actress Christine Ebersole—who plays Hank's eccentric client, Ms. Newbergabout her favorite storyline coming up in July. "I give a Bark Mitzvah to my dog. The dogs are so cute in their little yarmulkes! Hundreds of people sit poolside. The rabbi reads from the Torah, and all the guests end up ill." Hank to the rescue!

Sissy in Oklahoma City, Okla.: What can we expect from the new season of Lincoln Heights?
Russell Hornsby, who plays Eddie Sutton, tells us the family goes through some growing pains in season four: "It's time for Eddie to start letting his kids grow up," he says. "I think that's where he is at the beginning of season four, with this notion that his kids are growing and they're getting older." Nicki Michaeux (his wife, Jenn) adds, "This is the most challenging season for the kids. They are the most headstrong individuals. And they're doing all sorts of things we'll all see over the course of the season. It's just really challenging for the parents this year."

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