Finished Squid Game? Here's What You Should Watch Next

Netflix's Squid Game is one of the biggest shows in the world right now. So, if you're itching for something similar, here's what you should binge next...

By Alyssa Ray Oct 04, 2021 11:08 PMTags
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The most violent children's game we've ever seen.

We're, of course, referring to Netflix's new captivating drama, Squid Game, which has the characters—played by Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Jung Ho-yeon, O Yeong-su, Heo Sung-tae and more—participating in games from their childhood with a lethal twist. For instance, we'll never look at "Red Light, Green Light" the same, as more than half the characters were brutally killed while playing it.

Yet Squid Game is more than a violent terror tale, with the drama also reflecting on social inequalities. So, it's no wonder that Netflix subscribers have devoured the dystopian nightmare. In fact, at the end of September, Ted Sarandos, Netflix's co-chief executive officer and chief content officer, made it clear that Squid Game was well on its way to break streaming records.

Because of this update, we jumped on the Squid Game bandwagon and binged the entire series in three days time. Unfortunately, this meant we were left craving for more suspense and intrigue.

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To fill this void, we began hunting for action-packed shows and films similar to Squid Game. And, to our surprise, Netflix already had the perfect follow-up show to binge: Alice in Boderland.

Released in December 2020 on the streamer, the thriller drama follows a gamer and his friends as they compete to survive in an abandoned-version of Tokyo. Intrigued? We know we are!

For more recommendations perfect for Squid Game fans, scroll through the gallery below!


3% takes place in a dystopian world where only the elite are allowed to inhabit a lush island, with the rest of the population struggling with poverty. As the description teased, people only get one chance to be saved from squalor.

Where to watch it: Netflix

Battle Royale

A group of ninth graders are tasked with being the sole survivor on a deserted island in the 2011 film Battle Royale. If more than one teenager survives the mission? They'll all be killed via explosive collars on their necks.

Where to watch it: Tube and PlutoTV


In Sense8, eight strangers are connected by a violent vision and the ability to communicate with one another's thoughts. As they begin to investigate this strange occurrence, a mysterious organization responds by hunting them down.

Where to watch it: Netflix


Stressed about affording college and leaving her mom behind, high school senior Vee (Emma Roberts) decides to play Nerve, an online game where participants can win money by competing in dares.

Where to watch it: Hulu

The Platform

The Platform follows prisoners in a dystopian world, where they are kept in vertical cells and watch as fellow inmates above are well fed, with the rest left to starve.

Where to watch it: Netflix

Alice in Boderland

Arisu (Kento Yamazaki) and friends must compete in dangerous games in order to survive an odd take on Tokyo. If they don't succeed? The competitors will be eliminated—off the face of the Earth.

Where to watch it: Netflix

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games follows Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) as she volunteers to compete in Panem's deadly annual event, where two tributes from each district fight to the death to be the last competitor standing.

Where to watch it: Epix


In the Oscar winning film Parasite, an extreme difference in situation threatens the relationship between the rich Park family and the struggling Kim clan.

Where to watch it: Hulu

Liar Game

Based off the popular manga, Liar Game follows Nao (Erika Toda) as she finds herself in the middle of game where participants are tasked with cheating each other out of money. While some succeed, others find themselves in crippling debt.

Where to watch it: YouTube

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix.

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