Lizzo Receives Backlash After Asking “Favorite Person” Chris Brown for a Photo

After a video surfaced on Twitter of Lizzo referring to Chris Brown as her “favorite person” and asking for a photo over the weekend, the singer is facing some heat from fans online.

By Kisha Forde Oct 04, 2021 3:48 PMTags

An interaction between Lizzo and Chris Brown has caused a major debate on social media.
The "Truth Hurts" singer is facing backlash after a video of the two musicians meeting backstage at a concert went viral on Oct. 2. In the clip, which was posted to Twitter, Lizzo is seen asking Chris to take a picture with her after approaching him, adding, "Because you're my favorite person in the whole f--king world."
The quick exchange reportedly went down backstage during one of the Los Angeles shows of the Millennium Tour over the weekend. However, once the video began circulating throughout the social media platform, some fans expressed their disappointment with her Lizzo's actions, considering Chris' controversial past, which includes pleading guilty to felony assault against his then-girlfriend Rihanna

"Lizzo calling Chris brown her favorite person in the whole f--king world," one fan wrote, "I'M PISSED OFF MAN." Another added, "lizzo, my baby, look at me. LOOK AT ME. this isn't you. i know the real you. listen, it's just me and you, okay? this isn't you. i know you better than that. please."

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While a third also commented, "Yuck lizzo said Chris brown is their favorite person in the world??"

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However, there were other fans who defended the singer in response to the backlash, with one person writing, "I know y'all ain't canceling Lizzo when all your faves have released a feature with Chris Brown in the last 5 years."

As for Lizzo and Chris, neither have publicly addressed the reactions to the now-viral moment.

E! News has reached out to Lizzo's reps for comment.