Go Inside Nina Dobrev’s Gorgeous Hollywood Home That She Painted With Boyfriend Shaun White

Nina Dobrev invited Architectural Digest into her beautiful four-bedroom Los Angeles residence—and the tour is one you simply have to see.

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Watch: Go Inside Nina Dobrev's Hollywood Home (BEAUTIFUL!)

The perks of being a wallflower in this stunning Spanish-style home must be the best.
Nina Dobrev has us practically drooling over her gorgeous four-bedroom European-inspired home, after recently giving Architectural Digest the grand tour. As for the strikingly beautiful exterior, although her house sports a fresh white matte color now, it was originally a mustard yellow until she decided to do the handy work herself.
"My boyfriend and I painted the whole exterior of the house ourselves and it took forever," Nina, referencing sports star Shaun White, shared in the Oct. 1 video. "But it turned out beautiful, so I'm happy I did it."
Nina, who was born in Bulgaria and spent some of her childhood in the south of France, leaned into her heritage when designing the interior.
"The house is from the 1920's," she explained. "I wanted to pay respect to the original architecture and the Spanish-style influence. And even though we were redoing certain things, I wanted to use materials that were organic and felt like they could've belonged to the home before, while still refreshing and giving the house a facelift."

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One of the most refreshing rooms within her home would be that of her drop-dead gorgeous kitchen—which also includes one incredible feature: Nina can open her fridge hands-free by simply stepping on a button located in between two of her kitchen tiles. Yes, you read that right.

"So, we got these reclaimed terracotta tiles from Europe that are all unique," Nina said of her impressive kitchen floor. "They're textured. Some have a lot of imperfections, which I kind of love, like it's been lived in, and it feels European. And I'm from Europe so I wanted to bring in my heritage a little bit."

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While walking around the rooms of her home, Nina's floors make their own cameo with tiny creaks in the background—which, as the actress also noted, is a part of the home's history.
"As you can hear, all the floors are very creaky, and it's squeaking a lot, and that's mainly because all the wood floors in the home are also original from the 1920s," she said. "And you know, it's good for when someone tries to break in because then I can hear them and grab my bat. Very helpful for that."

"But, someday when I have kids, they're really gonna hate it," she continued. "Because, you know, they won't be able to sneak out of the house as easily as I did growing up."

Her Hollywood home also has an undeniably cozy outdoor space complete with a pool and must-see gym room (which was transformed from its original use as a pool house). Check it out for yourself above!