Ice-T Defends Coco Austin and 5-Year-Old Daughter Chanel Following Nail-Tips Criticism

While appearing on The View, Ice-T made it clear that he doesn’t pay attention to what the haters say online. “We’re doing okay,” he told the co-hosts.

By Mike Vulpo Oct 01, 2021 6:55 PMTags

Ice loves Coco, which means he really doesn't love Internet trolls who come for his wife.

Earlier this month, the couple made headlines after letting their 5-year-old daughter Chanel wear "mini" nail tips for school picture day.

After some followers criticized the parents, claiming that Chanel was too young to have a French manicure in kindergarten, Ice-T decided to clear the air in a new interview.  

"Rule 1: Do not pay attention to anything anyone says on the Internet," he shared on Sept. 30 while appearing on The View. "Worry about the people who walk up to you and say things in your real life. Those are the people you should be concerned with. The internet is the world. It's the world talking."

"Everybody parents differently," the Law & Order: SVU star added. "Every house has its own constitution. We're doing okay. Our baby's okay."

And when moderator Whoopi Goldberg told viewers at home to "mind your business," Ice-T appreciated the support.

Ice-T & Coco's Cutest Pictures of Daughter Chanel

"ICE COLD Facts: Love from people is Great on Social Media… But ya gotta learn to BLOCK out the negative," Ice-T later shared on Twitter. "It's a MUST."

For those wondering how Chanel's picture day went, her mom was able to share a sneak peek thanks to social media.

"School picture day!!" Coco wrote on Instagram back on Sept. 23. "For the special occasion, I let Chanel do mini tops to her nails…I love doing her hair…my little doll baby is what I call her….@BabyChanelNicole."

As for how a new school year is going, Chanel's own Instagram offered a glimpse. The caption alongside a photo of the student posing outside her classroom said, "Guess who is officially in Kindergarten? Yep me!!! Uniform and all!!! I'm more worried about mommy….hehe."  

This isn't the first time Ice-T and Coco have faced criticism for their parenting. After Internet trolls slammed Coco for still breastfeeding her daughter at the age of 5, Ice-T clapped back on Twitter. 

"News Flash! We feed Chanel FOOD..." he wrote on Aug. 4. "She just likes to suck moms boob every now and then... Me Too!!!"

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