Why Lele Pons Doesn't Want Anyone to Be "Ashamed" of Their Mental Health Struggles

Singer Lele Pons opened up about her OCD and Tourette's diagnoses during E!'s Ones to Watch on Sept. 29, and shared her mission to help others during Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Creating a global support system for those who need it most. 

Singer Lele Pons exclusively shared her mission to educate others about mental health and wellness during E!'s Ones to Watch video series on Sept. 29 in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The Venezulean "Se Te Nota" star has been very open about her OCD and Tourette's Syndrome diagnoses.

"I am very, very grateful to have helped a lot of people, grateful to have had the chance to educate people who don't know what OCD and Tourette's are," Pons reflected. "It's very important to actually also push people to get better, take their medicine, go to get help, go to get a good support system, to help parents understand their kids have whatever they have, help to understand that it is not something that's going to define you. It's not something you should be ashamed about. And I wanted to show that to everybody."

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Pons' YouTube docu-series The Secret Life of Lele Pons premiered in June 2020, with Pons publicly opening up for the first time about her mental health struggles. To this day, she calls it the "most important thing" she's ever created.

"Women have to be strong, but I feel like the strongest I've ever been was when I did that docu-series ‘cause that takes balls," Pons revealed. "Because you're letting people in your life. And I'm way too honest. I'm someone that lets way too many people in to know about my life." 

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Pons added, "I actually want to do more mental health stuff. I just have so many ideas that I want to do that doesn't have to do with my YouTube or doing a docu-series. It's not even about me. It's something to do with other people as well." 

And, Pons looks forward to inspiring fans to be themselves, no matter what.

"I have had idols where I'm like, 'I want to be like that,' but I never change myself to be like somebody because you are you," she said. "I haven't believed so much in myself like I do now and I wish I did when I was younger because I would have had a thicker skin. Don't let anybody change you or make you feel like you're not worth it. Don't let anybody mentally abuse you, as well. Believe in yourself, love yourself."

The "Bubble Gum" singer advised, "No one's going to love you unless you love yourself first. Put yourself first because, at the end of the day, you only have you. You are your best friend. You know, so please believe in yourself and be kind to yourself. And that's going to be the best thing you can do."

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Plus, Pons stays true to her Venezuelan heritage, regardless of any critics. 

"There are other people that are just like, 'You're not talking about Venezuela. Like why would—why are you not talking?'" Pons explained. "So when I talk, it's a problem. And when I don't talk, it's a problem. I was born in Venezuela. Fact. I came here when I was five. Fact. I know what the truth is. As long as you know what the truth is, people can say whatever they want. I love being who I am. I've embraced it." 

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To Pons, being Venezuelan means she has a "responsibility to continue to show what Venezuela is and how amazing it is," and to foster change.

"It actually affects me like what's going on in Venezuela. So what I'm going to do is just do things. You know what? My way. Behind the scenes. I think it's more effective and makes me happier," Pons stated. "For me, it's a responsibility to bring awareness, to make it better, and putting light into the situation. I think that's what I feel." 

As for what's next, Pons has collaborated with fellow Latinx rising star Guaynaa and even is working on an upcoming Netflix project.

"I don't know what life will have for me, but I'm very excited," Pons concluded. "And you know, sometimes not knowing is better."