Kelly Price Breaks Silence on Being Reported Missing and Her Near-Fatal COVID-19 Experience

Gospel singer Kelly Price spoke out about the confusion surrounding her whereabouts after she was reported missing by family members.

By Cydney Contreras Sep 27, 2021 11:43 PMTags

Gospel singer Kelly Price is still trying to understand how she ended up on a missing persons list in the midst of her fight against COVID-19.

Because, as the singer told TMZ on Monday, Sept. 27, she was never actually missing. "I have never been in danger," Kelly stated. "I am not in danger right now. I am focusing on putting myself first."

On Friday, Sept. 24, the Cobb County Police Department told E! News that a missing persons report was filed for the Grammy-nominated singer. 

However, as concern for Kelly's whereabouts grew, her lawyer Monica Ewing later told E! News her client simply "went to get some rest after she was discharged from the hospital" and was "focused on her recovery."

In the interview with TMZ, Kelly reiterated that she's safe, saying she simply "turned off" everything, including her phone, and stayed off social media so she could get some peace and quiet. At one point, Kelly said she was forced to leave her house because so many people were attempting to get in contact with her.

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"There were people, I don't know how, fans or whoever, they were coming to my house, people ringing the bell, leaving things at my doorstep, disturbing my neighbors all times of the day and night," Kelly claimed. "I got to the point—and this wasn't months ago, I literally just left my house, maybe a week ago, because I couldn't rest. My doorbell was being rung all hours of the day and night."

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And the reason no one was invited into her home was because she and her husband were both ill with coronavirus. As she put it, "There was no visiting the house [because] we both had active COVID cases."

The only people allowed to attend to Kelly and her husband were nurses and doctors, who couldn't speak about Kelly's condition on account of HIPAA laws. "I was being seen several times a week by home health aides after being released on oxygen," she said.

And while Kelly and her husband were isolated, her close family members were aware of their whereabouts, save for her sister, who she hasn't seen in a year.

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"Everyone in my family knew exactly where I was," Kelly noted, adding, "I have to say, that it's really disappointing that things came to this, but it was not true and even when it comes to my daughter, I feel like she was easily manipulated. People are saying she's a kid. She's not a kid."

She continued, "She's 27 years old, she's my youngest, but in that situation she was easily manipulated."

As for Kelly's current health, she stated that she's "facing a very uphill battle" following her hospitalization. According to the singer, she "died" while in the hospital.

"At some point, they lost me," she recalled. "The first thing I remember is the team of doctors standing around me and asking me if I knew what year it was." 

While Kelly focuses on healing, her attorney is working on having her name removed from the missing persons list.

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