Sunny Hostin Explains The View's "Triggering" Decision to Disclose False Positive COVID-19 Results

The View's Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro spoke out about the "real life ramifications" of their coronavirus test results being shared on live television.

By Cydney Contreras Sep 27, 2021 9:23 PMTags

Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro are in good health, but not necessarily in good spirits.

On Monday, Sept. 27, The View co-hosts addressed Friday's controversial episode in which Hostin and Navarro were told they tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, Hostin and Navarro were told to exit the studio, just moments before they, as well as Joy Behar and Sara Haines, were set to interview Vice President Kamala Harris.

Since then, Hostin, Navarro, Behar and Haines have been tested numerous times and the results were negative

While they're all happy the results ended up being a false positive, Hostin said there were "real life ramifications" because of the way things were handled. She shared, "It really was uncomfortable for my results to be released publicly before I even knew what was going on."

The lawyer noted that her husband, Emmanuel Hostin, had to leave work, while her children were pulled out of school. "My husband is a surgeon, as everyone knows, and he was in the operating room and had to be pulled out of the operating room, because God forbid, he's operating on someone and he's COVID-positive," she explained. "My child's school had to be notified and she had to be pulled out. My parents had to be rushed to be tested. And my son was notified at school as well." 

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Hostin noted that it was particularly "triggering" to learn her test was positive, as she lost both of her parents in law to COVID-19 last December. She reflected, "So, you can imagine how I felt, thinking that I could possibly be COVID-positive, and my family could experience another loss, a loss that I don't think my husband could handle."

On a brighter note, Hostin said that she's fully vaccinated and confident that she "would likely be okay." 

Nonetheless, The View executive producer Brian Teta apologized to the hosts, Behar and Haines included, for what turned out to be "really awkward television."


"I really want to acknowledge and apologize to Sunny and Ana because in the midst of all this chaos, they were put in this position where they had this information put out on television," he said. "And then to make it even worse, it turned out not to be true later on. It was unfortunate that mistakes were made, but I can confidently say that we have very vigorous safety protocols, that everyone is regularly tested, and I'm just so relieved that you guys are healthy, that everyone is healthy and nobody was ever in danger."

The team also thanked the vice president's team for quickly pivoting and finding a way to conduct the interview remotely. 

And though Behar and Haines were able to speak to Harris, Navarro said they would love to interview her again, joking, "Kamala, baby, come back please. We will bubble wrap ourselves."

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