Meghan McCain Has the Shadiest Response to The View's Coronavirus Debacle

Meghan McCain shared her controversial opinion after The View's Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro tested positive for COVID-19 while on set.

By Lindsay Weinberg Sep 24, 2021 11:06 PMTags

It seems Meghan McCain is glad she got out when she did.

The new online columnist of the Daily Mail had an... interesting point of view when two co-hosts were escorted off of The View after testing positive for COVID-19 on Friday, Sept. 24.

Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were asked to leave the set just minutes before they were expected to interview Vice President Kamala Harris in person. Remaining host Joy Behar revealed her colleagues had a "breakthrough case" of COVID-19. She and Sara Haines proceeded to interview Harris remotely, with the politician tuning in from another space in the ABC News building as a precaution. 

A few hours later, McCain—who left her hosting position of The View in July—seemed to weigh in and offer her take on the whole scenario. She tweeted, "Trust your instincts, kids," along with a GIF of Clint Eastwood's Blondie character giving a hat tip in 1966 movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 

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Some fans took it to mean she was pleased with her decision to leave the show, but commented to say she should be more concerned about her former co-stars' wellbeing. "I think I would have said, 'so happy my friends from the view are vaccinated and well', but that's just me," one wrote. 


A source exclusively tells E! News that Hostin and Navarro were given a follow-up rapid test after leaving the table, and those came back negative. Plans for filming The View next week are still unclear, per the insider.

The source says their positive tests were "completely unexpected." The team immediately went into "reaction mode," and the showrunners "sprung into action" as soon as they got word of the news.

"No one could believe this was playing out live in front of the cameras, ahead of one of the biggest interviews for the show," the source explains. "No one had time to think about how this could make the show look, the thought was we have to take action right away and make sure everyone is safe."

Hostin and Navarro were "completely surprised" as well, since they were not showing symptoms, per the source. 


A second source close to production adds that Hostin is "doing great" and feeling "fine." She had additional tests done today, and they've come back negative. "It's possible there was a false positive, but they don't know yet," the second insider says. "They have to test throughout the weekend to figure it out."

As for Behar, the first source said she is "very uneasy about how this whole situation unfolded."

It appears fans are also uneasy when it comes to McCain's thoughts on the debacle. 

"Your dad would not be proud in this moment," one user wrote, invoking John McCain's name. Another said, "I'd think you'd be a little more compassionate considering Sunny and her husband lost his parents due to COVID and they were taking every precaution, unlike those who aren't vaxed." 

In January, Hostin shared the unfortunate news that her husband, Emmanuel Hostin's, parents died of COVID-19 over the holidays.

She told viewers, "They were both physicians and they were both very careful. They didn't celebrate Thanksgiving with us because we all decided it wasn't safe. And after a lot of contact tracing, we still don't know how they contracted this virus."

McCain exited the show nearly three months ago, saying at the time, "I'm here to tell all of you my wonderful co-hosts and the viewers at home that this will be my last season on The View." She said it "was not an easy decision... It took a lot of thought and counsel and prayer and talking to my family and my close friends."

The new mom said she'll be living in Washington, D.C.

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