Morgan Stewart Reveals All on Baby No. 2, Pregnancy Symptoms & More

By Samantha Bergeson Sep 22, 2021 4:42 PMTags
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Watch: Necessary Realness: Morgan Stewart's Exclusive Details on Baby No. 2

Ready for back-to-back babies!

E! News personality Morgan Stewart exclusively dished about her second pregnancy during today's Sept. 22 episode of Necessary Realness, just two weeks after announcing she's prepping for baby no. 2 on Daily Pop

"You have all heard the news: I am with child, second baby coming at you," Morgan joked on Necessary Realness. "You know what's going on—doing a second nursery is going on, lots of things are happening. Pushing out another human...small stuff." 

Morgan welcomed her first child, daughter Row, in February of this year with husband Jordan McGraw. And in the adorable video above, Morgan is answering all the fan questions about her second pregnancy, including whether or not she was surprised!

"In my case it was pretty surprising, considering I had had all those thyroid issues, but we also knew what we were doing, so it was both," the Nightly Pop co-host clarified. "I actually took a digital positive test and we thought there was no way it was going to be positive, and I looked away for one split second after waiting for like, the four minutes, and then I looked down and it said pregnant, and I was like, 'What the f––k?!'"

Morgan Stewart's Pregnancy Pics

She added, "And then I took 28 more and they were all pregnant, and then my husband had to come in because he didn't believe me." 

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But, don't expect Morgan to be "freaking out" seven months after Row was born.

"I am very fortunate and I've always said I want to have babies really close together to get it done, because if I would have stopped down and waited three years, there's no f––king way I would have gone back on that pregnancy train. At least now I get to black out, dump, be insane and not have to get double sets of toys. Oh the toys around, kills me so much."

However, Morgan admitted she's scared of "everything" when it comes to being a mom of two under the age of two. "I feel like I have just gotten a handle on Row, and then to go through a whole new newborn stage, but again, I'm just happy to get it all out, done, this is the last baby I'm having, we're doing it," Morgan confirmed.

Watch the cute video above to also hear about why this pregnancy is different for Morgan! 

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