Why Jennifer Coolidge Is Ready to "Corner" Mindy Kaling at the 2021 Emmys

In an exclusive chat with E! News at the 2021 Emmys, Jennifer Coolidge teased what's to come for Legally Blonde 3. Plus, Coolidge confirmed whether or not her home is haunted.

By Alyssa Ray Sep 19, 2021 11:46 PMTags
Watch: Jennifer Coolidge Talks "Legally Blonde 3" at 2021 Emmys

Well we're gonna just go in and lay down on our beds and wait for you all to text us about Jennifer Coolidge's appearance at the 2021 Emmys. Just kidding!

On Sunday, Sept. 19, The White Lotus actress hit the red carpet at the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards and took a moment to speak with Live From E!: 2021 Emmys host Karamo. Not only did Coolidge look like the Fourth of July thanks to a striking navy ensemble by Christian Siriano, but she also captivated us with what she had to tease about Legally Blonde 3.

From what Coolidge told Karamo, she's equally in the dark about the highly anticipated film's plot. "I'm gonna corner her," Coolidge said of Mindy Kaling, who is writing the third installment of the Legally Blonde franchise. "I've never run into her, and I'm gonna ask her what's happening with the Legally Blonde script."

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As for what Coolidge would like to see in Legally Blonde 3? She noted, "I hope Reese [Witherspoon] and I are running really fast for most of it."

Although this may seem like a joke, the A Cinderella Story actress explained that she hopes the film is really "fast moving" and that the characters find themselves "in some trouble."

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Speaking of trouble, Coolidge further captured our attention by weighing in on the debate that her home is haunted. Per the 60-year-old actress, rumors began swirling about her allegedly haunted home after one Halloween party.

While previous attendees are convinced that the abode is possessed, Coolidge isn't buying it. "I've lived there for, I don't know, 15 years or something, [and] I've never seen a ghost in the house," she shared. "It has a presence. The house has a feeling in it, but I've never seen one."

She's been told that both an old sea captain sitting at a piano and a little girl bouncing a ball have been spotted in the home. An unconvinced Coolidge concluded, "Don't you think I would've experienced that? I mean, I wish there was something like that."

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