Ryan Phillippe Has a Surprising Response to Those Who Think Son Deacon Is His Mini-Me

In an exclusive interview, Ryan Phillippe shared what he and ex-wife Reese Witherspoon think of their children's looks.

By Cydney Contreras, Spencer Lubitz Sep 18, 2021 1:22 AMTags
Watch: Reese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe's Son Is Dad's Twin!

Ryan Phillippe says fans are giving him way too much credit when it comes to son Deacon Phillippe's charming good looks.

The Cruel Intentions actor remained humble as ever during an exclusive interview with E! News about his and Reese Witherspoon's two children, Deacon and Ava Phillippe, who have been called their parents' mini-mes.

"Obviously, there is a father-son resemblance," Ryan remarked, "but he actually looks a lot more like Reese's side of the family. Ava looks more like mine."

And though Reese and Ava love to share a twinning photo to Instagram, Ryan said the family is quite aligned when it comes to who takes after which parent. He shared, "Quite often, the interpretation in the media is that she looks exactly like her mom and he looks exactly like me, but I think we both feel differently about it."

Moreover, the 47-year-old joked it's not entirely accurate call Deacon his mini-me, as the 17-year-old is "way better looking than I am."

Photographic Evidence Reese Witherspoon and Ava Phillippe Are Actually Twins

And though Ryan's Instagram followers love to see him with Ava and Deacon, the dad said he prefers to keep his comments to a minimum. As he explained, "I do try to stay mindful of not embarrassing them too much in what I post."

Instagram / Ryan Phillippe

But Deacon and Ava are not the type of teens to shy from taking a photo with their mom and dad. In fact, the two siblings enjoy giving followers a look at their lives, often posting pictures from family vacations and other moments.

Recently, Deacon shared that Reese and stepdad Jim Toth let him and Ava bring their significant others on vacation south of the border. The aspiring musician posted some pics from their getaway, captioning them, "I'm so lucky man."

It seems the Legally Blonde actress has a very soft spot when it comes to her kiddos. She told InStyle in 2019, "I melt around my kids. I'm much more squishy, soft, and lovey with a caramel center. I also encourage their deepest dreams and want them to be more expansive in their idea of what they want to become or explore."

Deacon has since embarked on a career in the music industry, releasing his first single "Long Run" in 2020. 

Ryan can be seen next in the comedy film Lady of the Manor.

"Melanie Lynskey and Judy Greer are absolutely hilarious in Lady of the Manor," the actor told E! News about the leading actresses. "They're really funny.  At its heart, it's sort of a buddy comedy between the two of them. My character is a funny peripheral character and there's obviously other great supporting roles, but Melanie and Judy to me are really phenomenal and they're such great people and like, I just I find their interaction and their chemistry to be really fun to watch."

Lady of the Manor will be available in select theaters, on digital and on demand Sept. 17th. Then, on Sept. 21, the film will become available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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