Jennifer Aniston & Reese Witherspoon Want to Interview This Celeb on The Morning Show

By Samantha Bergeson Sep 15, 2021 6:32 PMTags
Watch: Reese Witherspoon & Jennifer Aniston on "Morning Show" Return

Filming The Morning Show is a lot harder than it looks. 

Let's just say, neither AppleTV+ stars Reese Witherspoon or Jennifer Aniston would want to be news anchors IRL! And, there was plenty of pressure to navigate season two plot lines. 

As Witherspoon exclusively explained during E! News' Daily Pop on Sept. 15, she does not envy "having to tell the good news and the bad news at the same time," onscreen. "It's just a lot," Witherspoon summed up. 

Aniston added, "The hours that you have to live, the morning, the information you constantly have to take into your brain on a daily basis...We get to shut off the news and say, 'I need a break for the next couple of days.'" 

The two co-stars portray rival anchors on a fictional news show in the second season of the critically-acclaimed series, returning Friday, Sept. 17. And, fans can expect season two of The Morning Show to be just as riveting as the award-winning first season.

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"We were worried about that because season one was such sort of a perfect little art installation in and of itself," Aniston revealed. "That was not an easy task to sort of drum up, where do we go from here?" 

Witherspoon teased, "We worked really hard and I think we did it. There's good stuff."

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So, what would be their dream morning news segment to film? According to Aniston, a "meta" interview with Julia Roberts would be fun to shoot.

Meanwhile, Witherspoon is ready to hit the bar behind the news desk. "I think we do a scene where we do it when we've had four glasses of wine and then interview celebrities," she quipped. 

Aniston adorably agreed: "I'm so in. Sort of like a Hoda [Kotb] and Kathy Lee [Gifford]? Yeah, I'm into it." 

Watch the adorable interview above to hear why co-star Billy Crudup thinks producers Witherspoon and Aniston are "formidable" inspirations!

The Morning Show season two premieres Friday, Sept. 17 on AppleTV+. 

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