Watch Nany and Kaycee Share a Cute Date Night on The Challenge

Kaycee planned a very special evening for her lady in the next episode of The Challenge, airing Wednesday, Sept. 15 on MTV. Get a sneak peek!

By Lauren Piester Sep 15, 2021 3:00 PMTags
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There's just one thing that can unite the house on The Challenge: Love. 

But not just any love. Really, just the love between Nany Gonzélez and Kaycee Clark, whose relationship has been blossoming on this season of the MTV reality show. E! News has an exclusive sneak peek at the next episode, when Kaycee takes things to the most wholesome next level ever by planning a surprise date night. 

It's quite the romantic setup, complete with flowers, pizza, some frighteningly pink alcohol and chocolate-covered strawberries, all put together in a gazebo on the pool. Nany is totally shocked, and totally impressed that Kaycee was able to pull this off without her finding out, even though the whole rest of the house knew it was happening. 

It's an absolutely sweet moment, but even the lovebirds can't forget the game they're playing. On their date, talk soon turns to "everything that went down with Josh and Fessy." 

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Of course, Nany's referring to the final demise of the Big Brother alliance in last week's episode, which happened after Josh and Kaycee got into a huge fight over the fight Josh had already had with Fessy. As Kaycee explains to Nany, Josh is mad because he thought Kaycee had Fessy's back and not his. Now, Kaycee's just the one stuck in the middle. 

In other news, Nany's got a new partner once again. After Logan won the elimination challenge in last week's episode, he chose her as his new partner, stealing her away from Hughie, who had just stolen her from Gabo, who has now been eliminated. Something tells us this still won't be Nany's last partner of the season.


Watch Kaycee and Nany's date night below!

The Challenge airs Wednesdays on MTV.

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