Watch Todd Chrisley Totally Embarrass Son Grayson By Making Over His New Car

Todd Chrisley wants everyone to know that son Grayson is a student driver! See why Todd is "so extra" as an overprotective parent in this hilarious sneak peek of Chrisley Knows Best.

By Samantha Bergeson Sep 09, 2021 5:00 PMTags

Beep, beep: student driver on the road!

Patriarch Todd Chrisley has no problem making it known that son Grayson Chrisley is studying for his learner's permit. In a laugh-out-loud sneak peek at tonight's Chrisley Knows Bestairing Sept. 9, Todd picks up Grayson from baseball practice in a new and not-so-improved version of Grayson's beloved truck. 

"Hey, buddy. Gray, you ready to go get your permit?" Todd yells from the drivers seat in the exclusive preview clip. 

During a confessional, Grayson complains, "Dad managed to take the most amazing car on the planet and just ruin it. It's got stickers, it's got magnets saying 'Stay back.' He's so extra." 

With placement on "10 and 2" stickers for the steering wheel, and even an orange construction flags, Todd really has outdone himself. 

"I tried to warn you," Grayson's older brother Chase Chrisley tells him. "It must suck to be you." 

Grayson has to ask his father what happened.

Stars and Their Cars

"What have you done to my truck?" he says in disbelief.

Todd answers, "I made some safety modifications." 

There's even a cage for Grayson's cell phone! "That way, you're focusing on the road and not focusing on the phone," Todd explains. "I was going to disengage the radio but then I thought, 'I'm not going to go overboard.'" 

Grayson says, "You're already overboard." 

Watch Grayson get totally embarrassed above!

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