How Ava Max Is Bringing the "Party" to Maroon 5's Stadium Tour

As part of E!'s Backstage Pass, Ava Max took fans behind the scenes before her big stadium performances during Maroon 5's summer tour.

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Ava Max remembers the call like it was yesterday.

After being unable to perform in front of large crowds because of the coronavirus pandemic, the 27-year-old singer nearly lost her cool when she got a call asking to be part of Maroon 5's upcoming shows.

"The moment I heard, I like freaked out," she exclusively told E! News. "I'm like, ‘Are you kidding me? This stadium tour? Is this a joke? Like, are you pranking me?' I love Maroon 5. It's so incredible. They're just such incredible artists. It makes me feel really honored."

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

In recent weeks, Ava has been able to perform at iconic venues including Chicago's Wrigley Field. And with shows at Boston's Fenway Park and Los Angeles' Banc of California Stadium coming up, the fun is just beginning.


"Feeling the crowd is completely a new feeling again because it's been almost like two years," she explained. "I think really it's going to be a party. I have one acoustic song I'm singing and that's ‘Naked.' It's really beautiful acoustically. It kind of slows the show down, but most of the shows is dance after dance. It's all upbeat and I hope the crowd likes it as much as I do."

While concertgoers can look forward to big hits like "Sweet but Psycho" and "Kings & Queens," Ava is already looking forward to the future as her career continues to take off.


"I feel like I'm working on a lot of music at the moment and I'm really excited to just put out...the next era now," she teased. "I'm working on that and it's sounding very, very upbeat and empowering, but also a little different than my past, a little bit more mature, and I'm excited about that."

For now, get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into her performances on Maroon 5's tour below

Ready to Rock

As part of Maroon 5's 2021 stadium tour, Ava Max is hitting the road and performing at some of the biggest venues in the country including Hersheypark Stadium in Pennsylvania. 

Let's Get Glam

"For my looks, I'm kind of obsessed with the color red and I have been incorporating red in a couple of the shows, but also the color blue and I love a lot of shiny things," Ava told E! News. "It's a very powerful look and it definitely makes a statement." 

Dressed to Impress

"I'm very hands-on with the designing team, especially now with The Blonds. I'm working with The Blonds for the look," Ava shared when discussing her tour fashion. "And they've been sending me different designs. I've been sending them designs back and we've been really working on the outfits together."

Beauty Team

Before performing at Hersheypark Stadium, Ava got stage-ready with help from a fabulous glam squad including hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos and makeup artist Michael Anthony.


There is one look that is extra special to the singer. "I think the superhero outfit will always be my favorite because it was such a character," she shared. "I feel like I really felt the need to embody that character and when I did create the superhero look, it was magical." 

Power in Pants

"I'm in my most comfort in pants," Ava revealed. "I love pants and they make me feel powerful and I feel like I can just do a lot on stage with pants. For me, wearing a certain style onstage makes me feel more powerful, 100 percent." 

Big Return

"At the end of the day, I just want to perform and do my best and feel the crowd's energy," Ava shared when reflecting on her upcoming performances. "It's been a minute." 

Sweet but Powerful

When fans experience a show from Ava, the 27-year-old singer has a simple wish for guests. "I hope they really feel empowered that they can achieve anything," she explained. "I hope when fans watch me perform or anyone really, they feel like, ‘Wow, like, that just gave me energy. That just gave me this an electric feeling' where you feel like you're reborn almost." 

You're Invited

"I cannot wait to dance with you," Ava told E! News before heading to Boston's Fenway Park and Los Angeles' Banc of California Stadium. "It's going to be a party." 

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