Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick and Girlfriend Tamara Francesconi Break Up

Attention Upper East Siders: Chuck Bass is back on the market. A source close to Ed Westwick and influencer Tamara Francesconi tells E! News their romance is over following apparent cheating rumors.

By McKenna Aiello Sep 02, 2021 11:56 PMTags
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Three words, eight (err, 10) letters: Ed is single. 

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick and girlfriend Tamara Francesconi have broken up, a source close to the pair told E! News on Sept. 2. According to the insider, "rumors of infidelity" led the London-based influencer to break things off with the actor. 

The newly single bombshell is now focused on her modeling career and "living a happy life," our source shared. 

Ed, who has yet to comment publicly on the split, was a frequent fixture on Tamara's Instagram. Throughout their nearly two-year relationship, she documented their many international travel experiences, and romantic memories with her half a million social media followers. 

And while most would be reluctant to admit they were fans of their celebrity significant other, in June Tamara copped to being the "biggest Gossip Girl fan known to man." 

"I watched it religiously twice a year," she dished on Pretty Little Thing's Behind Closed Doors podcast. "I swear to god I actually manifested him in my life." 

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When they first started dating, Tamara said she actually had to apologize to a friend and fellow Gossip Girl devotee who was "insulted" that she found love with the real-life Chuck Bass. 


The attention Ed receives from fans, Tamara said at the time, is "wonderful." She explained on the podcast, "Initially, it was a bit weird when we'd walk down the streets and have girls following us and stuff, but I think it's so wonderful that everyone loves his work. He's a wonderful person, he's so talented. I'm proud of him."

In 2017, Ed became the subject of a Los Angeles Police Department rape investigation. Officials declined to charge the star with any wrongdoing and he publicly condemned the "vile and horrific" allegations against him. 

E! News reached out to Ed's rep about the breakup but did not hear back. Tamara's rep declined to comment. 

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