Lil Nas X Divides the Internet With "Pregnancy" Announcement Photoshoot

Lil Nas X called out the “negative energy” being sent his way after he turned his album announcement into a faux pregnancy announcement, complete with a radiant baby bump.

By Lindsay Weinberg Sep 02, 2021 10:03 PMTags

Lil Nas X has a Lil Lil Nas X on the way. 

In a pregnancy photo shoot with People, the "Old Town Road" star revealed he is expecting… his next album! 

Lil Nas X, who released "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)" in March, told the outlet that his self-titled debut album Montero is due (get it?) on Sept. 17.

The singer dressed in a white flowing robe with a cream rose flower crown, while cradling his "baby bump" in an over-the-top photoshoot published on Sept. 2.

"SURPRISE!" he captioned images from the shoot. "I can't believe i'm finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy ‘MONTERO' is due September 17, 2021." 

For good measure, he also posted an edited image of his album cover imposed onto an ultrasound pic. "these contractions are killing me," he teased on Twitter. 

Lil Nas X (who was born Montero Lamar Hill) told the magazine he was inspired to do the maternity-style shoot after listening to the verse Megan Thee Stallion recorded for his song "Dolla Sign Slime."

Lil Nas X's Best Looks

"I was like, 'Oh my God, this is amazing,' so I immediately called my stylist," he shared. "She was like, 'Wow, this all comes together. Your album. Your baby.' I was like, 'Yeah, this is my baby, huh?' As a joke, she was like, 'Yeah, you should do a pregnancy shoot.'"

"I was like, 'You know what? That's actually brilliant… So now we have this entire thing coming out, and it's going to be amazing," recalled the 22-year-old artist, who recently revealed he is in a relationship with someone he thinks is "the one," after having "some good boyfriends and some bad ones" in the past. 

Critics felt his new floral images were too "cringe," but his fans instantly embraced his creative shoot. Lil Nas X retweeted one fan that wrote, "he took submissive and breedable to a new level fr." 

When one user got hostile ("I really tired of lil nas .. his ugly ass [is too] much," they wrote), the Grammy winner retweeted it and retorted, "you really on here calling a young mother to be ugly?" 

Lil Nas X later fired back: "n----s be like ‘you desperate for attention' then proceed to give it to me."

Another user tried to rally people to "Save our kids" because there will be "Lil boys out here wanting to be prego!!!! Jesssusssssss take the wheel." Lil Nas X responded by questioning their line of reasoning, saying, "if i take a s--t on myself am i gonna have ur kids wanting to s--t their pants ?" 

His fans defended him, of course, with one popular tweet speculating that the haters only inspire him to push the envelope even more. "Every time ppl have a fit about Lil Nas X he goes straight to his whiteboard to cook up something that'll piss them off even MORE. I don't know how they haven't realized this yet," the user speculated

The attention became a lil overwhelming for Lil Nas X, who said he was signing off of Twitter for a bit on Thursday afternoon. As he shared, "let me get offline, all of this negative energy is not good for the baby." 

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