Why a Visit From Ariela's Ex Has Her Fiancé Biniyam Worried on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way's Ariela Weinberg may be putting her engagement to Biniyam Shibre on the line as she meets with her ex-husband. See the OMG sneak peek at the Sept. 5 episode.

By Samantha Bergeson Sep 03, 2021 3:00 PMTags

It's all about the ex factor.

During an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, airing Sept. 5, Ariela Weinberg gets glam to meet up with her ex-husband Leandro—and her current fiancé Biniyam Shibre knows something is up. 

"It's not too much? What you're wearing?" Biniyam questions Ariela as she shows off a curve-hugging leopard dress and leather jacket. 

Ariela gushes, "No, I look cute." She admits in a confessional that she's "very nervous, actually" about seeing her former husband in Ethiopia. 

"Leandro and I met when I was living in Argentina when I was 19 years old," Ariela explains. "And then I brought him to the U.S. on the spousal visa. We were married for, like, 10 years. We got divorced because I decided that I wanted to travel the world. I was immature and I was trying to find myself, but I always planned to have Leandro and in my life, and up until I met Biniyam, I thought eventually we would get back together."

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Wait, so Ari was always planning on going back with her ex before she got unexpectedly pregnant with Biniyam?!

Ariela assures Biniyam to not be "jealous" as they walk to a nail salon so she can look even more "put together" for Leandro. 


Biniyam counters, "I'm not jealous, actually. I'm not happy about it."

Later in a confessional, he adds, "Her clothes look different today. She's wearing a skirt, she's wearing heels, things she doesn't do often. I don't like that Ari is running around for him." 

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At the salon, Ariela coos that she's "flattered" that Biniyam is so jealous of her ex. She even flashes her new manicure to Biniyam—and Ariela is not wearing her engagement ring. 

"You don't wear it to the nail salon, or for Leandro?" an offended Biniyam asks. 


Ariela clarifies, "It was an honest mistake." 

Will this returning 90 Day Fiancé couple actually make it down the aisle if Ariela isn't wearing her ring? Watch the tense sneak peek above. 

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC. 

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