Father of Influencer Miss Mercedes Morr Recalls Finding Her Body After Murder-Suicide

Social media influencer Miss Mercedes Morr was found dead at her Texas home on Aug. 29, the victim of a murder-suicide. Her father has since spoken out about the circumstances surrounding her death.

By Samantha Schnurr Sep 01, 2021 4:39 PMTags
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In the wake of Miss Mercedes Morr's tragic passing, her parents are shedding new light on her death. 

The influencer's parents, Mark Gagnier and Jeanetta Grover, spoke out about their beloved daughter, born Jenae Gagnier, in an interview with ABC 13 published on Sept. 1. During the conversation, her mourning mom and dad reiterated how loved the 33-year-old social media star was and reflected on the circumstances surrounding her killing. 

Mark explained that he went to his daughter's home on Sunday, Aug. 29, after a friend reported not being able to reach her. "I know my daughter and when I got to my daughter's house and it was locked up and she's not answering my phone, which is not like her, I knew something was up, so I didn't hesitate to kick the door down," he told ABC 13. "And what I saw, I wouldn't want any parent to go through."

He found her on the ground and initially suspected she might have fallen down the stairs accidentally. However, once he saw the body of alleged suspect Kevin Alexander Accorto, Mark realized "it wasn't an accident."

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Mark noted that there was writing all over the walls and that the alleged suspect was "twitching" and "gurgling." The medical examiner has ruled Kevin Accorto's death a suicide. Mark insists that Jenae did not know the alleged suspect.

"I just knew that it was somebody that my daughter doesn't associate with," he said. "We keep her private. Not even her real friends really knew her name."


According to the Fort Bend County Medical Examiner, her cause of death was homicide by strangulation and traumatic concussion. The alleged suspect's death was ruled a suicide by multiple sharp force trauma. An investigation into the motive is ongoing. 

"I don't know how he found her and I don't know how all this happened," Mark said. "That's the only part that I'm waiting on. I know what happened. I know my daughter's dead."

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