What Is the Cast of Titletown High Up to Now?

Netflix's Titletown High introduced viewers to the student-athletes on the top high school football team in the country and we're catching up with them after their controversial 2020 season.

By Tierney Bricker Sep 06, 2021 12:00 PMTags
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Small town, big drama.

Welcome to Titletown High, Netflix docuseries that followed the lives of teenagers on the football team at Valdosta, the country's all-time winningest high school program. Think a Gen-Z Friday Night Lights meets Cheer with a heavy splash of MTV's Two a Days. In fact, Rush Propst, the controversial head coach of the Valdosta Wildcats, is the very same man who raised eyebrows on that 2006 docuseries, which also came from Titletown High creator Jason Sciavicco. (Seems like someone might be a fan of high school football.)

The eight-episode first season documented the Wildcats as they attempted to win a state championship while dealing with love triangles, rivalries, coronavirus and a massive scandal that ultimately cost Coach Propst his job and led to the exits of several star players.

Of course, being the nosy binge-watchers we are, we were immediately curious as to what ultimately happened to the cast members after the 2020 season ended with five players being declared ineligible to play the following season, including starting quarterback Amari Jones. So, we did what millennials do best: We found them all on Instagram. Not all heroes wear cleats!

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What are the stars of Titletown High up to now? And are any of the couples still together after all that drama? 

Coach Rush Propst

"Nope, this is not the end."

Unfortunately, Rush Probst's leaked phone call in which he discussed the need for "funny money" did mean his time as Valdosta's head coach was over after just one season. Following the tape's release, five of his players were deemed ineligible to play, and the team was put on probation for the 2021 season. The school then terminated Coach Probst's contract.

Shelton Felton stepped in to replace the 63-year-old, who opened up about the scandal for the first time in a recent interview with Saturday Down South.

"It was just a bunch of B.S. talk," Rush said of the allegations against him. "That's all it was. I wish I could take back some of those things, but I can't. You just have to own up to them."

Though his Twitter bio still reads, "Head Football Coach at Valdosta High School," Rush currently isn't coaching anywhere and he hasn't ruled out (another) comeback.

"I'm content to be a dad right now, and I'll see what life and the good Lord has in store for me," he told WNSP-FM 105.5. "If it's me not coaching ever again, then so be it."

Jake Garcia

The new kid at Valdosta, Jake transferred in his senior year so he could play football after all sports were canceled in California due to COVID-19. While he led the Wildcats to victory in their first game, the star quarterback found himself at the center of controversy after he was deemed ineligible to play. (Note to student-athletes: Do not let your parents do interviews with ESPN about how they legally separated just so you could play ball!)

 After transferring to Grayson High School in Georgia in order to continue playing, Jake went on to win a state title. But in an Instagram post promoting Titletown High's premiere, he wrote, "once a wildcat ALWAYS A WILDCAT."

In the first episode, Jake said he had "already committed" to the University of Southern California, but he ultimately chose to play for the University of Miami. The freshman will not start in the Hurricanes' season opener on Sept. 4, but he still seems to be enjoying his time in the Sunshine State.

Amari Jones

While the junior was set to be the starting quarterback, Jake's arrival in Valdosta relegated him to the backup position. But after Jake was declared ineligible, the pressure was on for Amari to perform. Concerned his dramatic relationship with Morgan Miller was distracting him from football and his studies, his coach and his mother was forced to got him to break up with her.

Unfortunately, Amari was one of the five players declared ineligible after it was alleged that Coach Probst raised funds to pay for his rent. After moving to Starke, Fla., Amari is now the starting QB for Bradford High School and is set to graduate in 2022. He's yet to announce any college plans.

As for his rocky romance with Morgan? Well, the two still follow each other on social media, but it's TBD if they are still dating.

Morgan Miller

The cheerleader's secret on-and-off romance with starting quarterback Amari proved to be too much of a "distraction" for the football player, according to his mom and coach.

Currently in her senior year at Valdosta, Morgan revealed during a recent Q&A on her Instagram Stories that she and Amari are allowed to talk now, though their current relationship status remains complicated, with Morgan using the flushed face and three eyes emoji. 

Her plans for the future are more certain, with the teen saying she intends to study criminal law in college and work for the FBI.

Grayson Leavy

While his love triangle with BFF Zoey Watson and girlfriend Lenley Gross dominated most of Grayson's screen time, the sophomore tight end began earning playing time before being forced to quarantine after possible exposure to COVID-19, missing two playoff games.

Following the Wildcats' disappointing 2020 season, Grayson, now in his junior year, is still with the team, playing in the one win and one loss they've notched so far this year. Unfortunately, Valdosta's most recent game was canceled due to coronavirus.

When it comes to his relationship status after choosing his friendship with Zoey over his future with Lenley? It seems they haven't DTR'd just yet, though Grayson and Zoey attended a concert together in August.

Zoey Watson

Zoey was one-third of the series' main love triangle, with her friendship (and not-so-secret kisses) with Grayson raising eyebrows and causing concerns among Lenley's crew, not that that stopped Zoey from driving him to school everyday. And when he had to quarantine due to possible exposure to COVID-19, she chose to stay with him, leading them to rekindle their romance. 

But are they still dating? Well, the two attended the Sweet Sixteen together back in March and attended a concert with friends on August, but, of course, it's a little more complicated than that.

"No, we're not, like, together-together," Zoey answered during an Aug. 31 Instagram Live on the show's official account. "But we're together." In old people's speak: "He's not my boyfriend."

The junior assured fans that the pair will "always be friends, of course," later revealing she no longer gives Grayson a ride to school. "He has a car, he has a license," she explained. 

Lenley Gross

Despite her boyfriend's close friendship with his former girlfriend, Lenley really tried to make her relationship with Grayson work...until he chose Zoey when given an ultimatum. 

But Lenley, now in her junior year, has moved on from Grayson, posting photos with her Hunter, her boyfriend since at least March, on Instagram. When asked how she feels about Grayson and Zoey during an Instagram Stories Q&A, Lenley responded, "honestly, idc because I am happy where I am and if zoey and grayson make eachother happy that's all that matters."

Jacarrius Peak

The starting right tackle was one of the team's most consistent players, though he found himself in hot water with his quarterback Amari after he texted Morgan during one of their breaks. 

Currently in his senior year, marking his last outing as a Wildcat, he has already received offers to play for Morehouse College and Eastern Kentucky University, though he's yet to commit to a school. Jacarrius also plays for Valdosta's varsity basketball team.

Titletown High is streaming on Netflix.