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So we've been reporting for months now on the friskiness between Twilight megastars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The hush-hush hookups, third and fourth party intruders, not to mention the whole forbidden aspect that only makes the romance hotter.

So with all the drama that's been going down, is Summit just fed the ef up with Rob and Kristen? And is Rob fed up with Kristen? Do read on:

First up, is Summit peeved at R & K?
"Absolutely not," dished Deep Twi. "Everyone at the studio legitimately loves Rob and Kristen. It's Rob and Kristen together that has the potential for disaster. Not the actors themselves."

What are R.Pattz and K.Stew really like?
"Rob is as cool, mellow and a bit brooding in person, as you would think. And we can count on him. That says a lot about actors in this town."

Kristen, too?
"Oh yeah. She's incredibly accommodating and easy to work with. Everyone loves her."

Maybe not everyone. Some of you people have been seriously hating on K.Stew in the message boards. Just 'cause K.S. has a nasty weave doesn't mean she's not a chill girl! Relax. It's for a part, people! Let Ms. Stewart be, will ya?

So does that icky hair bother R.P.? Enough to make him wander off, in so many tangled words, while he's busy filming in Manhattan? As for the reports that Rob is getting his threesome on sans Kris, our NYC sources tell us, not true. Pattz has been "all business" since being over there, and he wouldn't have time to be juggling mucho ladies even if he wanted to.

"He can never get away from the hordes, anyway," revealed a source who's by R.Pattz's side constantly right now.

Oh and get this: We also just caught up with one of Robbie's rumored gal-pals these days, Camilla Belle. Here's what she said when we grilled the gorgeous babe on all things Rob:

How's Rob liking New York?
He's working hard.

Think his chemistry with his new costar Emilie de Ravin will be as good as with Kristen Stewart?
Guess we'll have to see. I hope so.

What do you think of his outta control heartthrob status?
Good for him. He deserves it. I think he's handling it really quite well.

Uh, doesn't exactly give a whole helluva lot away, does this babe? Regardless, we take it that this doesn't exactly satisfy everybody's Robsten hearts for the weekend? Correct? Thought so, 'cause we've got more R.P. dish coming, promise.

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