Becca Kufrin Talked to Blake Horstmann Before Bachelor in Paradise—But It's Not What You Think

In a new podcast interview, Bachelor Nation's Becca Kufrin cleared the air on whether she would get back together with ex Blake Horstmann.

By Mike Vulpo Aug 26, 2021 11:18 PMTags
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Some relationships in Bachelor Nation may just be meant to stay platonic.

As fans eagerly wait for Becca Kufrin's arrival on Bachelor in Paradise this season, some are wondering if ABC's former Bachelorette would ever get back with ex Blake Horstmann. After all, the reality star insinuated that he still has feelings for her in a recent interview.

"We did kind of chat here and there. And we were back in touch within the last like six months," Blake shared on the Aug. 20 podcast episode of Reality Life with Kate Casey. "I would be willing to talk, of course. But we'll see how Paradise works out because she's going to Paradise. And I don't know."

As it turns out, Becca heard about the interview after receiving messages from loved ones asking if she was back with Blake.

During the Aug. 26 podcast episode of Click Bait With Bachelor Nation, Becca made it clear that nothing romantic is going on.

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"Blake and I have always been friends. We've always been supportive of one another," she told co-hosts Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker. "In terms of the ‘talking,' yeah, we've been in touch very sporadically, but nothing that I would say would warrant…a potential relationship."

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Becca continued, "My friends and family were reaching out asking, ‘Are you and Blake together? What's going on? What's happening?' I had no idea. I looked into the articles and I listened to some of the podcast, not all of it…It was interesting for me as a listener."

Back in 2018, viewers first watched Becca and Blake meet during season 14 of The Bachelorette. In the season finale, Becca decided to give her final rose to Garrett Yrigoyen, leaving Blake single.

After the pair officially broke up in August 2020 after two years together, Becca decided to look for love on Bachelor in Paradise. When asked if she would explore something with Blake if he shows up in Mexico, the answer was "no."

"Blake and I have always been on great terms. We've been friends for awhile," she explained. "It's no shock because I've done his podcast. He's come on my tour when I was touring for a few shows. Nothing romantic that I think people should be running with right now if that makes sense."

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.  

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