Get to Know The Circle's Season 3 Cast

A former professional soccer player, a M.I.T. genius and a modeling sister duo? Meet the dramatic cast behind season three of hit Netflix series The Circle.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 27, 2021 4:45 PMTags
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We're coming full Circle

Hit Netflix reality competition series The Circle is back for season three, premiering Sept. 8, and this cast seems even more dramatic than last year's addicting social experiment participants. 

Eight new contestants enter The Circle to flirt, befriend, anger and compete in challenges against one another on a social media platform that awards $100,000 to the top show influencer. Who can earn clout and who can decipher which account is a catfish? Host Michelle Buteau returns to make sure everyone behaves...or doesn't. 

E! News can exclusively reveal The Circle season three cast members, including real-life influencer Ava Marie Capra and her sister Chanel Capra pose as a duo, but will they really have each others' backs? Plus, former professional soccer player-turned-private chef Calvin Kiing Crooks might give fellow ex-athlete Nick Uhlenhuth a (literal) run for his money.

The Circle is produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group. Executive producers for Studio Lambert are Stephen Lambert and Tim Harcourt, with Lauren Hicks, Charlotte Smith and Sarah Fay. Executive Producers for Motion Content Group are Richard Foster and Chet Fenster.

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Get to know all eight new stars below.

The Circle returns Wednesday, Sept. 8 on Netflix.

Nick Uhlenhuth

Seattle-born cast member Nick Uhlenhuth sings, cosplays with his French bulldog and played lacrosse at M.I.T. Could Austin, TX-based Nick be the full package? Well, he's already gearing up to be a breakout star. "It's hard being famous, but someone's gotta do it," he posted on Aug. 22. 

Calvin Kiing Crooks

Private chef Calvin Kiing Crooks definitely knows how to turn up the heat. The personal trainer and vegetarian nutritionist knows he looks best with his shirt off and even used to play pro soccer!

Chanel & Ava Marie Capra

Sisters Chanel and Ava Marie Capra are here to play the game together. Model influencer Ava boasts over 227K Instagram followers and has even launched a singing and acting career. Meanwhile, Chanel is the co-founder of Bella Mafia Entertainment. The Capra sisters list both New York and Los Angeles as their homes.

Kai Ghost

R&B trap singer Kai Ghost is based in Los Angeles and describes herself as having "invitation-only type energy," per her Instagram bio. Kai graduated from the Nashville School of the Arts and shared the meaning behind her name in 2019, writing, "If you are asking about Kai...she is the epitome of honey...sweet and healing. If you're asking about Ghost...she is the epitome of spice...giving flavor that's hidden in plain sight. She can be aggressively transparent without regard to other's feelings. She finds happiness in her hustles. Her dominance contributes to her completion of her greatest accomplishments." 

Seems like we can expect plenty of her Ghost side onscreen! 

Daniel Cusimano

Florida-based musical theater star Daniel Cusimano teased on Instagram that he's "just trynna be an influencer" on Aug. 20. Well, he's certainly on his way. Daniel won Best Outstanding Actor in a Play from Broadway Star of the Future in 2019 at Tampa's Straz Center for the Performing Arts and recently hinted that #DreamsDoComeTrue. 

Matt Pappadia

Fitness coach Matt Pappadia doesn't shy away from stripping down on Instagram. "God, Gains, & Gratitude. Islander. Baby vegan," the Long Islander wrote on his bio. "Highly offended by oatmeal raisin cookies that pretend to be chocolate chip. #EpilepsyAwareness." Matt has even graced the cover of WIRE Mag

Ruksana Carroll

Married mama Ruksana Carroll previously competed with her husband and parents on Family Feud and the New Jersey star can't stop gushing about her daughter Yaara. "Angels are often disguised as daughters," Ruksana captioned Yaara's school photo on June 16.

Michelle Rider

Comedian Michelle "Shelly Belly" Rider adores TikTok videos and has garnered millions of social media views for her hilarious hijinks. The 52-year-old South Carolina star may have an advantage thanks to her experience in the limelight, and she even is going on a stand-up comedy tour!

Host Michelle Buteau

Comic actress Michelle Buteau returns to host season three.

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