Yvette Nicole Brown Spills Details About Filming Enchanted Sequel With Amy Adams & Maya Rudolph

You have to hear Yvette Nicole Brown's sweet story about singing with the cast between takes. Plus, she promises Disenchanted will be "bigger, better, bolder" than the original 2007 film.

By Brett Malec Aug 27, 2021 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Yvette Nicole Brown Says "Disenchanted" Was a "Full-Circle Moment"

The long-awaited Enchanted sequel sounds, well, worth the wait!

Yvette Nicole Brown is sharing adorable on-set details about what it was like working with Amy Adams, Maya Rudolph and more on Disenchanted, Disney+'s upcoming sequel to the hit 2007 film.

"Director] Adam Shankman put together an amazing cast," Brown told E! News exclusively while promoting her appearance on E!'s Celebrity Game Face this Tuesday, Aug. 31. "Everyone came back, Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey and Idina [Menzel] and James [Marsden]. And then we also have the wonderful Maya Rudolph, who I'm nominated for an Emmy in the same category with, and Jayma Mays and Kolton Stewart. There's a whole bunch of really fun, new people that get to come and play."

Brown added, "I will say this: if you loved Enchanted, you will love Disenchanted. That's a promise. And the music is bigger, better, bolder, wonderful-er, and we have a great time in Ireland shooting over the summer."

Amy Adams' Best Roles

Brown joins the musical franchise as character Rosaleen. While she wouldn't confirm if she'll be singing in the film ("I can sing, I can't say whether I did sing in this."), she did tease, "I'm in a lot of scenes with Maya and Jayma Mays."

Brown admitted she's a "huge fan" of Enchanted and has "been waiting for the sequel."

"I remember my friend Marylin Sue [Perry] was in the original, she played the bus driver in the original and I remember seeing the movie like, 'Oh, Marylin Sue gets to be in Enchanted!' And here I am 14 years later I get to be in Disenchanted. So it's a wonderful full-circle moment for me because I loved the original," she gushed.

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And yes, working alongside Rudolph and Mays meant she laughed the "entire time" she was filming earlier this year.

"We had a good time and we sang a lot in between takes," Brown dished. "Amy Adams is like a human jukebox. So every time we had a scene together we'd all sing show tunes and Adam Shankman played a lot of disco music in between takes. So it was a very fun, musical set to be on."

Read more on everything we know about Disenchanted here and don't miss Brown on the season two premiere of E!'s Celebrity Game Face this Tuesday, Aug. 31 at 10 p.m.

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