A Terrifying Demon Causes a Quarantine Nightmare in This Spooky SurrealEstate Sneak Peek

Sarah Levy and Tim Rozon take a murderous demon home with them (literally, they're real estate agents) in a gruesome first look at tonight's SurrealEstate on SYFY.

By Samantha Bergeson Aug 27, 2021 4:00 PMTags
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Quarantining with a murderous demon? No, thanks. 

Schitt's Creek alums Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy have moved out of a dingy motel and into a twisted game of cat and mouse with a paranormal predator in SYFY's SurrealEstateAn exclusive clip from tonight's spooky episode, airing Aug. 27, proves that Luke Roman (Rozon) and Susan Ireland (Levy) quite literally can't escape being supernatural prey. 

Susan is tracked by a hauntingly hideous corpse-like figure that crawls down the walls of Susan's office at The Roman Agency. With disgusting slithering sounds and the quiet crunch of anticipation, the demon gets closer and closer to a frantic Susan. The ghost even possesses Zooey (Savannah Basley) at her desk, and starts scrolling through Roman Agency listings for more mansions to haunt. 

Will the team's plan to corner and trap the hellish beast in the office prove to be genius, or even more dangerous in the end? 

Celebrity Ghost Stories

The real-life set of SurrealEstate had more than a few questionable occurrences, redefining what it means to take work home with you. Actor Rozon previously told E! News that he is now a believer in ghosts. "I heard so many stories from the guest stars," he hinted.

"Supposedly, where everybody was flying in and staying was an old haunted mansion turned into a hotel," Rozon continued, "and I heard stories from almost every guest star that said they felt some sort of presence that didn't feel natural. It's hard for me to not believe everybody, you know?"

Levy added, "He was like, 'I'm out of here. This place is way too creepy.' And everyone that stayed there had the same feeling, it was really intense…I was so grateful that I wasn't staying there."

Watch the intense clip above to find out how their onscreen Surreal quarantine plan went!  

SurrealEstate airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on SYFY.

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